Reach your ideal customer with email ads

Use advanced technology to target specific audiences on multiple newsletters — reach millions with a single email ad.

Used by world-class advertisers
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Get high-intent leads using newsletter ads

Efficient email advertising

Reach millions of subscribers from hundreds of newsletters with a single campaign. Easily A/B test creatives for your target audience.

See immediate results

Launch and track newsletter ads with real-time performance metrics. So you can optimize and quickly scale high-converting campaigns.

Create targeted email ads with a high ROI


Set up a campaign in minutes


Target audience demographics


Strategically change copy and creative


Bid by CPC or CPM and get results

Email ads meet the power of targeting

Target the right people, with the right professional skills, at the right time, all within their favorite newsletters.

Programmatic technology

As a reader opens a newsletter, Paved finds the best ad. When a reader matches your targeting parameters, your ad is displayed.

Email ads adapt to look native

Your ads automatically adapt to the style and format of the newsletter. This native approach boosts engagement, CTRs, and brand awareness.

Get more engagement from every dollar

Set a strategy that suits your business by choosing a target CPM or CPC for each campaign.

Reach customers where they’re most engaged — in their inbox.

Target professional skills

Network of professionals with verified job skills.

Use contextual content

Ads only show to subscribers who engage with specific online content or sites.

Audience library

Choose from high-performing audiences frequently requested by top advertisers.

Choose demographics

Target consumers by location, age, gender, and more.

Search by job title

Reach subscribers who have specific job titles and management levels.

Stay flexible

Marketplace Email Sponsorship

One newsletter per campaign
Reach entire subscriber base
Post-campaign reporting
Pay a set CPM

Programmatic Email Ads

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Multiple newsletters at once
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Target by skill & job title
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Live campaign reporting
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Bid by CPM or CPC