Paved makes it quick and easy to monetize your blog and email newsletter with sponsored content.

Close more sponsorship deals by creating a profile in the Paved marketplace. Not only will more advertisers be able to find you, but we’ll help you enrich your profile and build out a media kit with verified metrics and demographics about your audience. With Paved, you’ll be able to show your value with real-time performance metrics, and get paid the same day you send or publish.


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“Paved is an effective partner for filling your dedicated email sponsorship inventory”

Join the Paved community to:

Monetize Your Audience Through Working with New Advertisers
Obtain Valuable Offers and Exclusive Discounts for Your List
Prove Your Value with A Rich Media Kit and Real-Time Metrics Tracking
Simplify the Process of Working with Advertisers on Campaigns
Get Paid Faster with Same-Day Payment
Be Seen by Advertisers Through the Paved Marketplace

How Much Can You Make?

Enter your list size and average click rate to see how you could earn per send

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How Paved Works

1. Join

Join the Paved marketplace by adding your site details and connecting your ESP to showcase verified metrics.

2. Receive Offers

Advertisers browse our marketplace and are sent recommendations to connect with potential publishers. Receive requests from advertisers with potential send dates.

3. Review

Look at your requests, decide which advertisers you’d like to work with, and agree on a date for your email send.

4. Download Creative

Import and schedule email advertising campaigns in your ESP with just one click.

5. Send

Our platform provides campaign data and heat map reporting to track key performance metrics.

6. Get Paid

Stop chasing down advertisers for payment, creating invoices, and waiting to get paid. With Paved, you’ll get paid the same day you send.

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