We’re making it easier than ever to scale and earn more money from your newsletter list and dedicated email advertising program.

With Paved, you’ll be able to

Paved works with hundreds of advertisers to help them find and launch dedicated email campaigns. We’re a technology driven marketplace that builds tools for both advertisers and the supply-side to help each party be as efficient and success as possible in the email channel.


“Paved is an effective partner for filling your dedicated email sponsorship inventory”

Through working with Paved, you’ll be able to:

Earn additional revenue through working with new advertisers
Get new campaigns live with just a few clicks through ESP integrations
Show advertisers a rich media kit with audience insights
Simplify operations for existing ad running campaigns through you
View and add additional newsletter monetization programs including data monetization
Access to a unique URL and self-serve check-out functionality

How much can I make?

Enter your list size and average click rate to see how you could earn per send

List Size

How Paved Works

1. Join

Join the marketplace by adding the details of your newsletter.

2. Review

Advertisers browse our marketplace to find potential publishers. Advertisers upload a creative and request available dates.

3. Analyse

Review campaign requests and decide which advertisers you'd like to work with.

4. Download Creative

Import and schedule the creative in just one click.

5. Real-time Performance

We handle all reporting. Our platform provides all key campaign metrics as well as click heatmaps.

6. Get Paid

No need to chase for payment or getting an I/O signed. Payment will be available same day as send.

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