Monetize your newsletter on autopilot

Monetize newsletters efficiently with native programmatic ad placements. Curated with premium advertisers only.

Used by world-class advertisers
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Earn money every time you click send

Increase your revenue with auto-filled native ads that match your newsletter's format, fonts, and colors.

Instantly earn money from your first send with Paved.

Why Paved?

Responsive native design

Custom-designed to match the format, colors, font, and size of your newsletter.

One-time HTML install

Copy and past a light-weight HTML code into your template once. And it's done.

Auto bidding system

Advertisers compete for your ad space. That means more money, more relevant ads, and more ad spaces filled.

Keep your subscribers engaged

Keep hard-earned readers with ads relevant to your newsletter.

More relevant ads

Contextual matching means ads fit the existing content of your newsletter.

Only premium advertisers

Paved only works with advertisers that run quality sponsorships. Every single ad is reviewed individually by our team.

Security with no risk

We don’t share your data with advertisers. Fully compliant and up to date with all privacy and data protection laws worldwide

Custom ad design

Match the format of your newsletter perfectly with custom designed placements for top, middle, and header ad positions.

Used by niche newsletters

Designed for newsletters with 100k subscribers and up. Paved can help you monetize 100% of your newsletter inventory.

Newsletters under 100k subscribers will still be considered

Easy one-time install

A light-weight HTML placement in your the header and body code of your newsletter template is all it takes to monetize your newsletter.

Here’s how it works

Install HTML

Copy and paste custom HTML code in the newsletter template

Send as usual

Include the placement in  newsletter sends of your choice

Simple payout

Get paid based on audience engagement and value

A payout rate
worth the effort

Paved is dedicated to getting you the most revenue per subscriber possible.

We prioritize the highest earning ads, factoring in both engagement and bid per click or impression.

Built for CCPA, GDPR & privacy protection

Protection of subscriber and publisher data is a top priority. We don't share data with advertisers and are fully compliant with all privacy laws, globally.