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Sponsored Blog Posts
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What are sponsored blog posts?

A sponsored blog post includes content that advocates for your product or brand. Unlike an email, you can continue to gain brand affinity and conversions from a sponsored blog post long after the initial publish date.

Sponsored Blog Posts
Paved connects publishers directly to advertisers, without having to go through an affiliate network. This really works for us.
Working with Paved has been great! They send us top-quality sponsors and respond quickly to any requests we have.

Increase brand awareness

Work with a trusted publisher to reach your target customer through their blog, as well as on their social media accounts. Run a campaign with multiple sites at once to further increase brand recognition.

Scale Your Campaigns

Publishers with this ad format

with new customers

Target your ideal audience by using the Paved marketplace to find a publisher who writes on topics related to your niche. Sponsored posts provide an opportunity to showcase how your product’s features can benefit the reader.


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