Paved offers a free searchable marketplace to compare and schedule dedicated email takeovers with premium publishers.

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Stop losing time searching! Paved makes it easy to find the best publishers within your niche. Browse through our platform or take advantage of our publisher recommendation engine

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Enjoy greater transparency through our deep ESP integrations our closest publisher partners. See verified data such as list size and open rates so you know what you're buying.

Robust Reporting

Consolidating reporting and analytics makes it easy to send and analyze your dedicated email campaigns. We feature full analytics on regular and a/b tests including heatmaps, open rates, CTRs, audience data

How to Advertise on Paved.


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Compare lists by list size, CPM, and recent newsletter sends with verified data


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Why Dedicated Emails?

For all the promises of advertising and programmatic targeting, advertisers find themselves in an increasingly difficult position to get their messages through.

Email marketing is 40x more effective than Facebook or Twitter. - McKinsey & Company
3 hours
The average person spends over 3 hours in their inbox per day.
Over 1/4 of all internet users say they use an AdBlocker. You can reach them with Paved.
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