Paved connects some of the world's largest brands with passionate creators.

For advertisers, content sponsorship is difficult to tract and scale.

There’s no visibility and limited data. Results are hard-won. It's a gamble to find your audience.

Passionate publishers with engaged audiences struggle to attract partnerships with big brands because they lack reach.

Paved brings newsletter creators and brands together to create sponsorship campaigns that resonate with engaged audiences.

We capture millions of data points every day to ensure the perfect advertiser and audience match for every campaign and offer the kind of high-level targeting never seen before in the newsletter space. 

We are a rapidly-growing, hard-working, fully remote team working from all over the world.
Used by world-class advertisers
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The Paved Team

John McLaughlin
John McLaughlin
Sonal Mandalia
Sonal Mandalia
Client Success
Marko Maksimovic
Marko Maksimovic
Marketplace Growth
Yuvna Muthy
Yuvna Muthy
Marketplace Operations
Eva Estetika Khusuma
Eva Estetika Khusuma

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