Here are the Best Ways to Find Newsletters Right Now

There are millions of email newsletters to find online. You could spend hundreds of hours combing through search results and relying on trial and error to find newsletters that meet your requirements. 

Or you could sign up to the right place and find all the publications you need in one go. 

Here are five quick ways to browse through thousands of newsletters and find the ones you’re looking for.

1. Find newsletters in marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Paved have hundreds of newsletters, all neatly tagged, categorized, and filtered. It’s one of the fastest ways to discover newsletters that cover a specific topic, industry, or target audience. 

What’s included on a Marketplace listing: Expect detailed information on the topic, audience, subscriber numbers, ad formats, and sponsorship prices.

Paved's marketplace for finding newsletters

On the Marketplace above, you can find new newsletters by: 

  • Choosing a sponsorship type
  • Selecting your category of interest 
  • Typing in a keyword
  • Browsing featured publishers

Paved also sends you a monthly digest of new newsletters that you might be interested in based on your previous searches. 

Finding a newsletter via a Marketplace is a great way to ensure you only discover quality publications. Marketplaces (unlike directories) are actively curated for quality and activity.

Pro tip: When browsing, add listings to your favorites by clicking the heart icon so you can find them later. 

2. Find newsletters in directories

There are two types of directories; those built by data scraping and those that require publishers to sign up and create a profile. 

Both types of directories can be helpful to find newsletters, especially smaller ones that are only just starting to gain traction. 

What’s included on a directory listing: Directories commonly give an overview of the topic and a link to the main sign up page. Sometimes additional details are included such as the sending schedule and estimated number of subscribers. 

Rad Letters

As fast and straightforward as newsletter discovery gets. A list of 700+ publications in various categories. No extra information is displayed beyond a link to the subscribe page. 


A modest list of newsletters that gives you a brief listing description, the subscriber count, and a preview of a previous issue. You can also subscribe to LetterList to be notified when new publications get added. 


A basic directory covering popular categories. Newsletters are submitted by readers and by the site. Sending schedule (weekly/monthly) is also provided..


Rather than a browsable directory, LetterDrop compiles interesting email issues into one curated daily email digest.

To keep track of the newsletters you find in directories, collect the URL, subscriber number, and description into a spreadsheet.

3. Find newsletters in “top ten” blog posts

While Googling is probably one of the most unpredictable ways to discover newsletters, it’s a quick fix if you’re looking for lots of different niches. 

For example, you can search for newsletters with the query “top business newsletters,” which returns plenty of blog posts listing popular business publications.

Pro Tip: You can also find a list of top performing business newsletters on a Marketplace.

find newsletters in business google search results

While these newsletters are in the business category, you might need to put in more time to find good top ten posts on specific topics (e.g., food trucks). 

While you’re finding newsletters using blog posts, don’t let your hard work go to waste; bookmark all the sign up pages so you can refer back to them later. 

4. Get newsletter recommendations from friends and colleagues

Chances are, people you know subscribe to some awesome newsletters. 

  • Ask people you know directly to forward emails that you might like
  • Post on social media that you’re looking for recommendations

People are always willing to give their opinion if you ask for it. Especially if it means their favorite creator gets some attention. 

Like with directories, keep a spreadsheet or a note of all the recommendations you receive. 

5. Find newsletters on Substack & Revue

Substack and Revue revolutionized journalism by providing a platform for writers to monetize their newsletters through paid subscriptions. Thanks to extensive media coverage, they’ve attracted thousands of writers, large and small. 

Revue Discover 

Discover is a curated directory by Revue’s staff. Each listing provides details on the publication and the last five issues sent. 

Discover is highly curated, so while you’ll find plenty of high-quality newsletters, you won’t get the variety you see in Substack or directories.

Substack Discover

Search newsletters by keyword or by the writers you follow on Twitter. Substack doesn’t have any filtering system for search queries, so you might need to spend some time reading each listing profile. 

Most newsletters on Substack have a ‘let me read it first’ button where you can check out the latest issues. Some issues have a lock displayed next to them, indicating they are for premium subscribers only.

Substack and Revue are fantastic discovery tools to use if you want to subscribe to newsletters yourself. 

But both tools can be time-consuming if you’re looking for sponsorship opportunities – here’s more information on newsletter advertising

Discover new newsletters every day

There are several ways you can find great newsletters online. 

The first thing you should do is check out our Marketplace if you’re looking for high-quality newsletters to sponsor (no more spreadsheets!). But you can also use directories, search, and discovery tools to find newsletters by topic or category.

The email inbox is where people go to find new ideas, exciting tools, and trending products. If you want to reach engaged readers that click and convert, sign up to Paved today.