4 Ways to Reach People on the Internet: Why Ad Blocking is Killing You

Did you know that there are an estimated 763 million people with ad blocking tech installed?

That’s 30-50% of the total internet population.

The rise in ad blocking technology has been swift and permanent. One little free plugin can block ads indefinitely on someone’s device. 

Ad blockers cost the US economy $12.12 billion in 2020 – this is not something anyone can afford to ignore. Growth marketers specifically need to look at new strategies to reach their audience.

Enter influencers.

The rise in influence partnerships and advertising wasn’t just a coincidence. The best way to reach an audience in 2021 is through non-intrusive native ads.

What’s a native ad and how does it bypass ad blocking?

According to the Global WebIndex, the main reasons people use adblocker are:

  • Too many ads
  • Irrelevant/annoying ads
  • Intrusive ads
  • The ads contain viruses
  • Some ads take up too much screen space
  • Ads slow down the site loading speed

Native ads look and sound like regular content. Also referred to as sponsorships or partnerships, native ads are generally created by a person or a site who doesn’t sell products themselves, but rather educates and entertains a community.

These ads bypass ad blockers because they’re manually embedded, not intrusive, and don’t compete with the content surrounding it.

In a nutshell, native ads don’t shout “I’m an ad” to ad blockers or people. Ad blockers can’t see them because they look like regular content. And they perform well because, again, they look like regular content.

Types of affordable native ads with excellent performance

Here’s all the different ways you can bypass the ad blocker, and start converting double (or more!) the number of people!

Use native sponsorships in newsletters

Newsletters that cover news, a topic, or opinion pieces are popular with many US-based audiences. In particular, tech, marketing, business, and finance newsletters get fantastic engagement rates that you can take advantage of.

You can sponsor newsletters by finding publishers, paying an upfront fee, and providing an image and some copy. Your sponsorship will look similar to the rest of the content and should receive a high number of clicks.

example of a native newsletter ad
See the small ‘sponsor’ tag on some of the content? Those are native newsletter sponsorships in action!

One major benefit to newsletter sponsorship is the ability to track clicks via UTMs or with a platform like Paved. It’s exceptionally easy to understand your ROI.

Here’s a full guide on newsletter sponsorship prices

Advertise in podcasts

Ever listened to a podcast and heard “this podcast was sponsored by…”? That’s exactly what a podcast sponsorship is. It’s true, listeners can skip ahead if they choose, but it’s not obvious where your ad section is, or for how long it will be.

Podcast ads can be excellent content for your brand. They are often personal and provide an opportunity to speak directly to the listener’s needs, rather than pushing products or services.

Commission sponsored blog posts

A sponsored blog post includes content that advocates for your product or brand and is posted on someone else’s site.

The blog post is posted to a publisher’s site forever (usually a guaranteed 2 years). Unlike email or podcasts, you can continue to gain brand affinity and conversions from a sponsored blog post long after the initial publish date.

These posts will send you an initial burst of traffic followed by a long-term SEO benefit. Even though most sponsored posts don’t have “do follow” links, the content could still rank high – sending you secondary traffic. 

The search results highlighted in red are either blog posts or sponsored blog posts from a single Freshbooks

You need to make sure your sponsored content reads naturally like this one, not like an extremely long advert (here’s an example of a bad post).

Partner with influencers on social media

Influencers are people who have a large dedicated following. You can partner with these influencers by paying for shoutouts, giveaways, or video sponsorship. Some influencers will even model your products, create tutorials, and review your performance (in a positive light).

Influencers have built up a dedicated following based on trust and community. This can be a great driver of sales.

Some good platforms for influencer sponsorship are:

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Personal blogs & newsletters
  • Twitter

Create real content to bypass adblockers

The only thing that doesn’t get blocked by adblocker is real, quality content. Invest time in quality content – either paid or organic.

In the long run, you’ll get more followers, more subscribers, more traffic, and more leads. And that only means more sales!