How to Get Around Ad Blockers and Ensure Your Message is Seen

You work hard to create an ad, assembling the creative, testing headlines, and optimizing audiences. You retarget, you a/b test, and you spend a lot of money to get your message seen. And then…it gets blocked.

Almost every advertiser hates ad blockers. After all of your hard work and expense, your brand’s message doesn’t even get seen in the first place.

According to a 2017 PageFair report, 615 million devices now use ad blocking software and ad block usage grew 30 percent in 2016.

If the thought of ad blockers leaves you frustrated and overwhelmed, we can help. Not only can you refresh your advertising strategy, but we can show you how to get around ad blockers. Ready to start? Let’s dive in.

Ad Blockers and Sponsored Content

Think about a typical page with an advertisement. What comes to mind is probably some interesting content (blog post, article, video, etc) with a display ad above, below, in the middle of, or beside it.

That’s what ad blockers see too. So, the easiest way to get around the ad blocker? Get into the content in the middle.

Sponsored content is paid advertising that is cohesive with the page content in terms of design and user behavior. That means that one example of sponsored content is a blog post that blends in with all of the other blog posts on a site, but is paid for by an advertiser.

Sponsored blog posts are a great option for brands looking to get past ad blockers because they blend in seamlessly with the existing content on a website.

Sponsored posts can help you reach your target customers and borrow authority by working with relevant bloggers in your niche. Plus, for products that sell best with some in-depth explanation or reviews, sponsored posts are a great way to get that higher-touch level of selling.

Plus, while the blogger is the one creating the actual content, brands generally provide direction on particular aspects of their product or brand that are important to call out, giving you some control over your messaging.

Try Sponsored Content

If you want to try sponsored content, the first step is to find bloggers to work with. If you use the Paved platform, you can search by niche within our marketplace to find publishers who run sponsored posts.

If you don’t use Paved, you can start looking for bloggers and publishers in your niche in other ways.

You’ll want to focus your search on bloggers that already write on topics related to your brand, as well as products or services they like, in order for the partnership to feel natural.

Start by searching for relevant articles on Pinterest and Twitter, and check out the blogs behind them. If they already run sponsored content, it’s a good sign that they might be interested in working with you.

When you find a promising blog, check for a “work with me” or “advertise” page. There, you can find contact information or possibly a media kit. If you don’t see a media kit, reach out to ask for one.

When you get a media kit, you’ll have information on the blog’s monthly pageviews, social media followings, and other important metrics.

Sponsored posts are generally run on a CPM (cost per thousand monthly impressions) basis, but if the blogger gives you a flat fee, you can divide by the monthly impressions to calculate a quick CPM.

After looking at the important metrics, reach out to the blogger to strike a deal. Generally, they’ll need access to your service or some free product to write their review.

Provide them with the most important aspects you want talked about, and then leave them free to write from there—they know their audience and what will work best for them.

Reach Readers Where They Are: The Inbox

Another option for getting around ad blockers is to reach potential customers where they are already engaged and active: their email inbox.

According to an Adobe study, time spent checking email increased 17 percent in 2016. Plus, email is everywhere: 79 percent of Americans admit to checking their email on vacation, 70 percent check email while watching TV, and 45 percent while in the bathroom.

Chances are, your target customer is spending a lot of time in their inbox. Want to reach them where they hang out? Email advertising is the key.

There are two kinds of email advertising: dedicated emails and sponsored emails. Dedicated email advertising is when a publisher sends an email on your behalf, which is entirely dedicated to your marketing message.

In fact, dedicated email gives you the most control of your message since you generally send HTML directly to the publisher.

Sponsored email, on the other hand, is a smaller portion of the regular email newsletter, which is devoted to an advertiser’s message. Email sponsorships vary greatly depending on the newsletter you are working with.

Sometimes, they include an image, some text, a headline, or some combination of these. Sometimes, publishers write them, and sometimes advertisers write them. Talk to your potential publishing partner to hammer out the details.

In both dedicated and sponsored emails, the advertiser never sees subscriber information, so email advertising is sometimes called an email list rental.

Try Email Advertising

Ready to find newsletters to advertise in? The first step is to find newsletters in your niche to reach out to.

You’ll get the best ROI if you focus on finding email lists that cover topics related to your brand, instead of just going for the largest lists you can find.

Search on Google to find newsletters in your niche. Then, reach out to ask for a media kit and compare the list’s email CPM and engagement rates to be sure it will be a good investment for your company.

If you use Paved, you can simplify the process by finding a newsletter to work with through the Paved platform. Search our marketplace by niche to find publishers who might be a good fit.

Then, you can see their verified list size, open rates, and click rates, plus demographic data as well. You can even send your email ad content and payment through Paved.

How to Get Around Ad Blockers

If you’re ready to get around ad blockers once and for all, it’s time to change the way you think about advertising. Ditch the old easy-to-ignore display ads for a method that actually works: sponsored content or email advertising.

Ready to get started? Join Paved today to see how easy sponsored content and email advertising can be.