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  1. Revolution Gray


    Revolution Gray is where women over 50 can find great tips on beauty, fashion, wellness, empty nesting, divorce, dating, second careers, reinvention, and much, much more. Since 2006, we have engaged with women who crave information about making their second half of life the best time of their life. The website has a substantial selection of articles focused on gray hair care. Many of our readers find us while searching for hair products for graying and silver hair, e.g. shampoos, conditioner and styling tools and techniques. Other popular topics include retirement, menopause management, navigating the end of a career or the beginning of a new one, caring for aging parents and managing the challenges of being part of the sandwich generation. We pride ourselves on taking a pro-aging vs. an anti-aging stance. We fight against all forms of age, gender, and race discrimination. We partner with brands who share our view of aging as something that should be embraced, celebrated, and enjoyed. Key messages for the Revolution Gray brand use the principals of ageless marketing. Ageless marketing focuses on - Core values and life experiences - Taps into values and insights that relate to life experiences to make meaningful connections. - Focuses on health and wellbeing, productive living, autonomy, empowerment and the value of relationships. - Involves presenting a positive, mindful image of aging. - Aging is a transition and a natural course of life. - Nothing is off limits are no longer possible or accessible due to aging. - Aging allows you to create first and new experiences just as earlier times of your life