Marketing Report: Best Newsletters for Advertisers in 2021

When looking for the best newsletters to sponsor, performance is often a mystery.

What metrics should you look at? A large number of subscribers? Good brand awareness within your target market? A high price tag? 

While those are all influential factors, they can’t predict success. And we should know, Paved runs thousands of newsletter sponsorships. 

We track millions of emails every day to find out what newsletters have the most repeat advertisers. Why? Because When an advertiser shows up more than once, it’s a clear indicator that an audience is buying. 

Repeat sponsorships equal a high ROI for brands. 

In this in-depth report, we reveal our findings on the best-performing newsletters in 2021 across various industries. 

Each newsletter has seen the highest rates of repeat sponsorships and subscriber count ranges from 70k all the way up to 7 million. Even more proof that native email sponsorships get some of the highest conversion rates in advertising. 

Let’s dive in!

1. Best newsletter for a business target market: Owler – Daily Snapshot

Owler is a community-driven site that tracks company data and news in various industries. Their newsletter, the Daily Snapshot, provides a quick dose of news in various industries..   

1.5M subscribers use Owler’s Daily Snapshot to stay abreast of business news. Most readers are director level and above, with job functions like sales, marketing, and finance. 

Advertisers looking to reach an audience aligned with finance, business, consulting, or technology will perform well.. 

Owler’s daily snapshot has one sponsorship placement

Owler’s snapshot sponsorship is a triple dose of visibility. You get front and center with a banner at the very top of the newsletter and a full native-style ad above the fold. Plus a ‘presented by’ logo in the top right corner boosts brand recognition. 

owler newsletter sponsorship

Owler also does dedicated sends to a list of 1M subscribers, which is a perfect fit for B2B companies operating in tech or software. 

Click here to book a sponsorship with Owler.

2. Best newsletter to find UX designers: Dribbble

The weekly newsletter is written by the Dribbble team and sends the top articles, tutorials, freebies, and workshops to subscribers. Each issue is meticulously curated to educate and engage designers on the top design techniques. 

The typical reader is a senior designer in the prime years of career building and success. The newsletter attracts product designers, UX designers, and graphic designers. Subscribers are mostly located in North America, with a portion of readers in India and the UK. 

When it comes to design, there’s really no better brand than Dribbble. It’s set itself apart by continuously providing new spaces for creatives to interact, find work, and learn. The target focus on UX and product design further boost subscriber activity. 

Dribbble typically has just one sponsored placement per newsletter. 

The only placement is directly below the opening content and allows for an image, headline, and body copy. 

This newsletter really is a hidden gem for advertisers in the media space. So book sponsorships quickly before they run out! 

3. Best newsletter to reach a lifestyle target market: 1440 Daily Digest

A daily newsletter that covers the latest news from politics, science, sport, business, and more. Unbiased but still entertaining to read, 1440 has seen massive growth. Readers are attracted to a lack of clickbait and easily digestible information.

Most subscribers are based in the US. Working professionals, they tend to be managers, executives, or C-suite. The average household income is around $145K yearly. Readers are diverse in interests with topics like health, environment, education, and economic empowerment resonating well.  

With a concentrated US audience with a high average income, this is a sophisticated, discerning audience who acts fast when they see something they like. Brands looking to sell mass-appeal software or products in the US will see fantastic engagement. 

Two sponsorship placements are available on 1440’s Daily Digest 

The first spot is a large placement with space for a logo, headline, and 600 characters. As you can see below, there’s plenty of space for multiple links to support your sales copy. 

1440 newsletter sponsorship

The Etcetera Placement is near the end of the newsletter and contains one-sentence snippets. Despite the small space, these one-liners still get a large amount of attention.

1440 etcetera newsletter ad

Click here to book an ad with 1440’s Daily Digest

4. Best newsletter with a female demographic: The Skimm

TheSkimm serves the female demographic with snappy editorial content about current affairs. It contains commentaries of 5-6  news stories. These brief summaries are called “skimms.”  Content is genuine, easy to digest, and quick to read. 

Readership is heavily weighted towards US millennial women who want to stay connected with the current news. This ensures a high engagement rate over their 7M subscribers. Their audience is of high value, with most subscribers being manager level and above, working in marketing, media, and HR. 

Advertisers looking to reach women and/or decision makers in the marketing world will do well on this newsletter. 

The Skimm has two ad placements 

The main placement is the Skimm’Well section, underneath the main editorial content. It allows for a logo and detailed text. This is great if your product requires a more detailed description. 

skimm main newsletter sponsorship

The second placement is Skimm’Picks. These are short 3-4 sentence snippets. The key to success with these quick reads is to have a short, witty CTA that has clear value to offer eg. “buy now”, “free gift”, and “get a 50% discount”.

skimm newsletter sponsorship

The Skimm also allows for dedicated sends where you can ‘take over’ an entire email to the list. While this is more expensive, our data shows that it usually nets a far greater ROI for businesses – especially in the lifestyle category. 

5. Best newsletter to find a front-end developer audience: SitePoint: Front End 

SitePoint is where front-end web developers go to catch up on the latest tech and industry news. Content helps readers improve their coding, interface design, and workflow skills. Topics include computing, development, design, product management, and entrepreneurship. 

Readers of SitePoint are millennial males living in the US, India, and the UK. They have job titles like frontend developer, web developer, and software engineer. While a large concentration is in senior and management roles, the focus of these 70k+ subscribers is on creating new things. 

SitePoint readers want to take action. This is exactly why advertisers on the cutting edge of front-end development get such high conversion rates.

SitePoint has one placement for their Front End newsletter

The main placement is above the fold and before the rest of the content making it convert at a higher rate than most newsletter sponsorships. 

sitepoint frontedend newsletter sponsorship

SitePoint also does dedicated sends that allow for geotargeting. 

Learn more about sponsorships with Sitepoint.

6. Best newsletter for B2B advertising: MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs is a well-respected newsletter among marketing professionals. It sends marketing insights, lessons, thought leadership, and guides to subscribers a few times a week. 

Readers are primarily located in North America, work at large businesses, and are director level and above. Top industries include technology, manufacturing, and banking while the main job roles are in marketing, operations, and sales. MarketingProfs is currently 500k readers strong. 

This decision-maker readership is fantastic for B2B brands. Companies like Salesforce, SEMRush, and have done particularly well advertising on this newsletter. 

Numerous native sponsorships spots are available on MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs sells sponsored content blocks within their newsletter’s regular content. 

marketingprofs newsletter ad

You can also sponsor and even as seen below. This option is recommended by businesses that typically have a longer sales cycle. 

marketingprofs newsletter sponsorship

Dedicated email sends are another great way to advertise in MarketingProfs, especially if you have an event or product launch. 

7. Best newsletter to reach a target market interested in technology: Javascript Weekly

A weekly digest that keeps subscribers up to date with everything happening in JavaScript. Full of content like tools, articles, news, new projects, and podcasts. Published by CooperPress, a company that creates 10+ newsletters for developers. 

Javascript Weekly’s audience is spread globally, with the majority residing in North America. Inda, Germany, the UK, and Brazil make up a large portion of the remaining readership. Of the 175k+ subscribers, almost all are millennial males who work in the software engineering industry. 

Javascript Weekly’s clear dedication to a specific target market is highly valuable. If you want to reach software engineers and developers, this is the place to do it. The tech audience is historically untrusting of social media ads, which means paid native promotions will probably enjoy more engagement than typical. 

Javascript Weekly is broken into 3 main sections, each with a sponsorship opportunity

The above the fold placement is striking compared to regular content due to the space for a logo/image. 

javascript newsletter sponsorship

The second spot is the articles, opinions & tutorials placement. This is where you’d promote your blog posts, white papers, or product announcements. 

javascript newsletter articles advertisement

Lastly, the code & tools placement is perfect for companies that have a functional tool to improve the lives of anyone working with JavaScript. 

Or, grab a spot for a “supported by” logo placement. This placement is predominantly suited to brand awareness campaigns. 

javascript newsletter ad

Tech newsletters that get super specific on a particular subject or coding language often see higher engagement. And it’s that high engagement that keeps Javascript Weekly advertisers running back for more!

8. Best newsletter to target readers interested in finance: Morning Brew

Morning Brew is a daily newsletter that delivers the best business news of the day, financial market updates, and a sprinkling of lifestyle content. The witty style of writing keeps readers on their toes. It made the headlines in 2020 by selling to Business Insider for $70M. 

Readers are young professionals in the US interested in business and finance. The newsletter has 2.2M subscribers and counting. The majority work in marketing, operations or sales and have senior job roles or have founded their own companies. 

Morning Brew’s advertisers keep coming back for more indicating that despite the high cost, there’s immense value in each sponsorship. In-house copywriters meticulously write each sponsorship to match the tone and voice that readers have come to love and expect. 

Morning Brew has three sponsorship placements for advertisers 

The Market’s Placement appears is the first sponsorship to appear and allows brands to sponsor market updates. This works well for sponsors who directly deal with investments. 

morning brew newsletter avertisement

The main sponsorship slot allows for a more in-depth ad copy, image, and headline. Spots like these generally perform the best because they look and read the same as native content. 

morning brew newsletter main ad

For advertisers with less budget or those who are want to test the audience, there is the Brew’s Bet’s placement. This is a quick, witty sentence that makes a hard and fast offer. More than one advertiser might appear in Brew’s Bets. 

morning brew bits sponsorship

All in all, Morning Brew is as premium as they come in the business and finance world. They have great brand awareness, write ad copy for you, and consistently get results for advertisers. 

9. Best newsletter for a target market of graphic designers: Pixel Surplus

A fast-growing newsletter in the graphics design industry, Pixel Surplus is laser-focused on providing creatives with content that improves their lives. Freebies, graphic design resources, and relevant deals make up the bulk of every email. 

The global audience is spread across the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia and the UK. Subscribers are professional millennials who work in design fields. Pixel Surplus has 600k+ readers.

Pixel Surplus has one native ad position available

Below is an example of a typical sponsored email placement on Pixel Surplus. It’s right at the top of the newsletter above the fold, placing the advertiser front and center. The rest of the newsletter follows underneath.. 

pixel surplus newsletter advert

Pixel Surplus also offers dedicated sends to interested advertisers. 

Book Pixel Surplus here. 

10. Best newsletter to target digital creatives: Creative Bloq

The Creative Bloq is a go-to resource for the creative mind. Their daily posts include fresh insights, expert tips, and tutorials to get creative juices flowing. 

A healthy 68k subscribers strong, readers of this newsletter are students, freelancers, or professionals who work in digital art and design roles. This audience is perfect for advertisers looking to sell high-spec workstations or digital products that are relevant to CG graphics. Readers are mostly in the UK and USA with jobs in design, engineering, and marketing. 

Creative Bloq has multiple sponsorship placement opportunities

The newsletter inserts sponsored content organically. This is a great example of the power of naive placement. It’s almost indistinguishable from regular articles. Native ads drive up ad engagement and improves the experience for the reader.  

Creative Bloq also offers sponsored posts.

Creative Bloq newsletter ad

Click here to book a sponsorship with Creative Bloq

Newsletter sponsorships are a powerful way to reach your audience

Subscribers to newsletters opt-in to receive content about a specific topic, from a curator that they trust. As the newsletters above prove (and continue to prove) to their advertisers, native email sponsorships work.  

And they work better than oversaturated, noisy social media platforms. 

Sign up to Paved to get access to a curated marketplace of high-quality newsletters that match your target audience. Scale your email sponsorships today.