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Shortly after its creation in 2007, Productive Flourishing quickly became one of the web’s Top 50 websites on productivity, creativity, and self-improvement for creative changemakers. Our content is routinely featured in places like Lifehacker, The Mission (one of the top 5 Medium publications), Inc., Forbes, and Thrive Global. Our most popular content focuses on practical strategies and tools that help readers take immediate action and start finishing the stuff that matters.

Our readers are accomplished, creative knowledgeworkers who are continually looking for new strategies, tips, tools, and resources to help them live richer lives and create better work. Over 55% of our readers earn over $75k per year and a higher than average percentage of them have graduate or professional degrees. The audience is about 60% women and 40% men from around the English-speaking world. Our audience skews towards freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business because their livelihood more directly depends on their productivity and mindset.

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