Frequently Asked Questions

What is dedicated email?

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Dedicated email is an email sent on behalf of an advertising partner to a publisher’s existing email list. The email is “dedicated” since the content of the entire email is created by the advertiser.

Dedicated email differs from purchasing email addresses or an email list since the advertiser does not receive subscriber information. Rather, the publisher mails ad content on behalf of the advertising partner.

What is sponsored email?

A sponsored email is an email that contains advertiser content alongside original publisher content, which is sent to a publisher’s existing email list. A sponsored email differs from a dedicated email in that the advertiser only creates content for a section of the email newsletter, instead of the entire email.

What is a sponsored post?

A sponsored post is a blog post that is published on a publisher’s blog on behalf of an advertising partner. The content of the post is generally created by the publisher in consultation with the advertising partner and may include promotion via social media and email newsletter, depending on the publisher.

Why should I use Paved?

Paved takes the headaches out of your email marketing strategy. We empower you to find new publishing partners who are a great fit for you, allowing you to scale your email strategy efficiently. Not only that, but you’ll have everything you need for success in one place—including information on potential partners (audience demographics, advertising options, list size, performance, and more), real-tracking of verified performance metrics, and even seamless payment options.

How is my account verified?

The Paved team manually verifies your advertiser account in order to ensure our platform is full of legitimate users and not spammers or robots. Not to worry, we generally approve new advertisers pretty quickly.

How do I request a campaign?

After you browse the marketplace or click on a recommended publisher, you can request a campaign on the publisher profile by clicking the button that says “Request.” Then, you can select up to 5 potential dates and tell the publisher a bit more about your campaign before sending your request to the publisher.

Why didn’t I hear back from a publisher about my campaign?

Publishers have the ability to reject campaigns that aren’t a good fit for their audience. We encourage you to try again with another publisher in a relevant niche.

What is the ROI Calculator?

The ROI Calculator combines the information from the publisher with a conversion rate that you provide to show the potential cost per acquisition (CPA) for a particular publisher. Just find a publisher that you want to work with and click on the ROI Calculator on their profile. The calculator will contain the CPM, click rate, and cost per click information. Fill in the conversion rate of the page you are directing traffic to in order to see your potential CPA.

How do I see examples of a newsletter?

You can find recent newsletters for a particular publisher on the bottom of their marketplace profile.

What options do I have for the creative I send to the publisher?

For dedicated emails, advertisers can send email HTML to a publisher through Paved. The publisher will then upload your creative within their existing email template, often adding a header or footer to explain that it is a sponsored email. For sponsored emails, advertisers send a few lines of text and a link to an image. For blog posts, advertisers send information about the type of post they are looking for and the publisher will create the blog post based on that information. Look at the “ad details” section of a publisher in the Paved marketplace for more information about the particular publisher’s creative process.

How do I find publishers to work with?

You can browse publishers in your niche by clicking on “browse marketplace” and selecting the category that you are looking to advertise in. You can also reach out to ask our team for recommendations using the contact page or by emailing us at

Why does Paved require me to create an account to view publishers?

Paved requires you to create an account to browse the publisher marketplace to protect our publishers’ private information. The account creation process also gives us an opportunity to weed out spammers and robots to ensure a safe and reliable marketplace for both publishers and advertisers.

What are my options for payment?

We accept all major credit cards through Stripe, and you can also pay through Paypal or wire transfer.

Why should I use Paved?

Paved helps you monetize your email list quickly and easily. Not only can you find new advertisers to work with via our marketplace, but you can prove your value with our real-time analytics like opens and clicks. Our free-to-use marketplace allows you to decide which advertisers are right for your list and we give you the freedom to set your own pricing, change prices anytime, and maintain your existing direct relationships without being locked in. Plus, you’ll get paid faster and easier than ever before with Paved. Choose to be paid through Paypal, direct deposit, or check and get paid the same day you send.

How do you rank publishers in each section?

At Paved, we believe that transparency is the foundation of a strong partnership. That is why Paved allows advertisers to see statistics like number of subscribers, CPM, open rate, and click rate for each of our publishers. We assign publishers a quality score that is based on the cost per click, a metric that balances the results advertisers are looking for instead of just emphasizing list size.

How will I get paid?

You can choose whether to be paid through Paypal, direct deposit, or check. All checks are paid in US dollars. You can update your payment settings in your account under “Payments.”

How quickly will I get paid?

You will be paid the same day as send for emails, and the same day as publish for sponsored blog posts. Please allow 4-6 business days for delivery if you choose to be paid by check.

How can I edit details about my newsletter?

You can edit details about your website and newsletter in your account under “My Sites” by clicking on “Edit Site.”

If my publication is relevant to multiple categories, can I list my newsletter in more than one category?

Yes, you can list your newsletter in more than one category.

What should I do if I don’t see an applicable category listed?

You can request an additional category by reaching out to us through our contact page or via email at, and we may be able to accommodate your request. For the time being, please choose the category that most closely aligns with your publishing niche.

Why should I integrate Paved with my email service provider?

Integrating Paved with your email service provider allows you to strengthen your publisher profile with verified email metrics and additional demographic information about your subscribers. This additional information functions like a media kit and gives publishers deeper insight into your email subscribers. We never store the email addresses of your subscribers.

What email service providers do you integrate with? What should I do if mine isn’t listed?

Paved integrates with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, and Campaign Monitor. If we don’t yet integrate with your email service provider, please put in an integration request through our contact page or by emailing us at You can also export a sample of your list in order to provide demographic information to enhance your profile.

How do you create the demographic profile information?

When you connect your email service provider to Paved, we are able to create a media kit that helps brands understand your audience on a deeper level. We do this by importing data from a random sample of your list. We never store email addresses from your subscribers while we build out your media kit information.

How should I price advertising on my newsletter?

Advertising on your newsletter or website is priced on a cost per thousand (CPM) basis. For emails, this refers to the cost per thousand subscribers, and for blog posts, this refers to the cost per thousand monthly pageviews. To calculate your CPM, divide the amount you will charge for an email send by the number of subscribers you have, and then multiply by 1,000.

(Cost of Email Send / Email Subscribers) x 1,000 = CPM

Advertisers generally look for newsletters that charge under $30 for CPM, but keep in mind that you can potentially charge more if you have a very niche audience, or very high open and click-through rates. If, however, you have lower open and click rates, you may want to price yourself lower to remain competitive. Try experimenting with your prices to find a balance of income for you and a low cost per click (CPC) for the advertiser.

What should I do if an advertiser requests a date that I don't have available?

Advertisers are encouraged to select up to 5 possible dates when creating a request for a publisher. If an advertiser requests dates that you don’t have available, you can counter their request with options that work better for you.

What should I do if I don't want to approve a request from an advertiser?

If you feel that a particular advertiser is not a good fit for your audience, you can reject the advertiser request.

What advice do you have to get more bookings or get my first advertiser requests?

When you begin to monetize your email list, it can take time to find the right combination of price, metrics, and demographic data to appeal to advertisers. Understand that it may take time and a few email sends to reach your goals for target advertisers, prices, or number of bookings.

Start by providing as much relevant information as you can in your site description and audience details. These are the first things that advertisers see when they look at your profile. Then, ensure that your list metrics are accurate and that you prune your list regularly for the best open rates and click through rates. Connect Paved to your email service provider to ensure that you are providing accurate statistics and enhanced subscriber data. Finally, try lowering your price to reach the first couple of advertisers and prove the return on investment you can provide. With Paved, you have the flexibility to update your prices whenever you want.

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