Sponsored Posts: One of the Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Creating a blog that stands out is a valuable skill. Being able to find readers, social media followers, and newsletter subscribers in a crowded market takes a lot of hard work, and if you’ve done exactly that, you’re probably ready to start making money from it.

It makes sense—with more than 2.75 million blog posts being published every day, growing a blog with a solid following is an impressive feat.

If you’re ready to start monetizing your blog, sponsored posts are one of the best ways to do it. That might be why, in 2013, Marketing Land found that only 10 percent of digital publishers didn’t have and weren’t considering native advertising (another word for sponsored content) on their sites.

Not only is it pretty easy to write sponsored posts, but with Paved, it can be easy to find new advertising partners, too.

Why Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored posts are one of the best ways to monetize a blog because you’re able to make money doing the things you’re going to do anyway.

If you’re growing your blog, you’re already used to the process of brainstorming, writing a post, and sharing it on social media. Sponsored posts allow you to keep doing what you’re doing, except with a brand paying for your work.

Plus, with sponsored posts, you can avoid having to place annoying banner ads on your site, and stay true to your own established voice. This means you can accept sponsorship without hurting the user experience on your website.

If you’re worried about how your audience may respond to sponsored posts, remember that you can:

  • Always work with sponsors that make sense for your brand and that you can see your readers liking
  • Ask for exclusive offers or discounts for your readers to help them feel that you got them a special deal
  • Ensure that your sponsored posts contain the same quality of content they’re used to reading in your non-sponsored posts

With sponsored posts, you can also fill your content calendar and find new ideas for blog posts.

Ready to find your first sponsorship partner? Let’s get started.

What Companies Are Looking For

When it comes to working with bloggers and website owners, companies can vary a lot in what exactly they’re looking for.

Some will work with bloggers with smaller followings, while others want a larger guaranteed readership.

In our work with hundreds of advertisers, though, we’ve found that traffic is only one of a few key metrics that advertisers look at when choosing publishing partners. Other indicators of success include:

  1. Social Media Following
  2. Engagement and Comments
  3. Email Newsletter List Size
  4. The Topics You Write About
  5. Audience Demographics

That’s why it’s so important to provide a full-picture look at your website to advertisers you’re looking to work with—you never know which characteristics they’re looking for.

One of the first things you should do if you want to work with brands is create your media kit. Provide as much information as you can about your audience and target readership.

Answer questions that advertisers may have, like which posts are most popular with your readers, how many comments you get on average, and your normal posting schedule.

Assemble all of this information into a PDF or “Work with Me” page on your website and you’ll be prepared when you start reaching out to potential advertising partners.

Sponsored Posts with Paved: Help Brands Find You

You can find advertising partners on your own by reaching out to brands via their website, or you can join a platform that helps advertisers find you. Paved is exactly that kind of platform.

Paved is a sponsored content marketplace that makes it easy for publishers and advertisers to find each other. I’m going to walk you through how to get started with Paved for sponsored posts.

Step 1: Create Your Media Kit

I’ve already discussed the virtues of a media kit, and at Paved, we make it easy for you to provide a media kit full of robust data and audience demographics for advertisers to browse.

The first step is to create a Paved profile. When you sign up, you’ll be able to fill in basic profile information, upload your logo, and fill in your website. In addition to sponsored posts, you can offer dedicated emails and sponsored emails.

You’ll also be prompted to fill in the first two text boxes that will sit at the top of your Paved profile: site description and audience description. Think of these as the introduction to your media kit.

You can set your own rates right on your profile with Paved. If you’re not sure how to price your sponsored posts, don’t worry. Advertisers can always negotiate with you, and you can change your rates at any time.

Then, you can connect your ESP to Paved, and we’ll automatically get to work creating your media kit. How? We pull a small sample of your email list (don’t worry, we never store email addresses) and analyze their information to build your media kit.

In just a few days, your profile will look like this:

Create a media kit to sell advertisers on creating sponsored posts with you.

Step 2: Brands Come to You

Once you have a profile and media kit created in Paved, advertisers will browse the marketplace to find you, and we will also send your profile to advertisers in your niche as a recommended publisher.

When an advertiser comes across your new Paved profile, they can send a request to you for a sponsored post, suggesting some post ideas and possible publish dates.

All of this happens easily, just by listing your site with Paved.

When you get a request, you can decide whether or not you’d like to work with the advertiser and, if so, select a date. Then, you can discuss ideas before you jump into writing your sponsored post.

Step 3: Create Your Sponsored Post

Finally, you can create your sponsored post. Just like with any other post, you’ll write great content, take great photos, and create a social media sharing plan.

When you’re ready to post your sponsored post, some advertisers may ask to look over the post before it goes live, to run it by their in-house brand experts or lawyers. If they want to look it over before you publish, they’ll tell you in the proposal process.

Be sure to add a note at the top of your blog post that mentions that it was created in partnership with a brand. The FTC requires that you disclose when you create a blog post in partnership with a sponsor.

Then, you’re ready to go! Hit publish and share the post like you normally would.

After you publish your sponsored blog post, you’ll be paid the same day through Paved. It’s that easy to post your first sponsored post.

Monetize Your Blog Easily with Sponsored Posts

While it can seem intimidating to get started creating sponsored posts on your blog, it can actually be much easier than you think. By sharing a well-rounded media kit about your blog and audience, you can find the right advertising partners, even if you don’t have a huge following yet.

Ready to get started creating sponsored posts with Paved? Click here to create your Paved profile now.