Selling Advertising Space? How to Pitch Your Newsletter to Advertisers

If you’re selling advertising space, you know the challenges of finding advertisers, communicating the value of your newsletter, and filling ad spots for the best rates. The key to setting yourself up for success? The right pitch email.

If you’re sick of sending numerous pitches, just to hear nothing back, or even if you’re just scared to hit send, we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a formula to help ensure that your pitch emails are read, that advertisers are receptive, and that you can get be effective at selling advertising space in your newsletter.

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Let’s jump right in.

Find Advertisers in Your Niche

Before you can even think of writing a pitch email, it’s important to find advertisers that align with your niche. While some advertisers might be interested in promoting their products across a couple different topic areas, most are interested in finding a highly targeted audience.

Especially when you are the one reaching out to them, it is best to find super relevant brands to work with. That means finding brands that not only are relevant to topics you write about, but also have a similar target demographic.

Does their website and social media presence seem mostly targeted at women or men? Millennials or older customers?

The more closely that their brand aligns with yours, the more natural a partnership will feel to your readers, and the more likely it is that the brand will be receptive to working together.

One good place to start is to find brands that are already working with similar publishers.

You can start by searching relevant keywords plus “all opinions are my own” (a common disclaimer on sponsored posts) to find blog posts that other bloggers have run with related companies.

You could also subscribe to newsletters in your niche and make note of the brands that work with those email lists. Generally, advertisers tire of working with the same publisher repeatedly, as their readership gets used to the content and is less receptive to it over time.

That means that advertisers are regularly looking for new publishers to work with in a given niche—especially if they’re already working with publishers in your category. Plus, these advertisers will already be receptive email newsletter advertising.

Craft Your Pitch Email

Once you’ve found an advertiser you want to work with, you can’t just hope and pray that they decide to work with you—you have to make the ask.

Your pitch email is the key to working with a new advertiser and selling advertising space in your blog or newsletter. Be sure to provide the information they need, while keeping your ask concise enough for a busy brand rep to read through quickly.

Introduce Your Brand

Assuming a given advertiser has never heard of your brand, you’ll want to quickly introduce them and get them up to speed on who you are and what your readers are interested in. This is where doing your research and being relevant really pays off.

Write a quick intro (a couple sentences or so) that focuses on why your brand is relevant to theirs. Tell them about your audience through the lens of their brand. If they are a luxury hotel brand and you cater to lavish travelers, make the connection clear.

Make it immediately obvious why your audience would be a good fit for them so that they can start to see the value in working with you.

This is where you can also show that you’ve done your research and you know who their target demographic is, the style of marketing they do, and the types of publishers they like to work with. All of this can be communicated briefly, but will show them that you actually want to work with them and aren’t just pitching to every brand out there.

Focus on the Benefits for Them

Obviously, when you’re trying to sell ad space, you’re probably thinking about the benefits for your own brand—namely, making money. But in order to get brands interested, it’s important to share what’s in it for them.

Instead of beginning with your rates, start by hyping up the exposure the brand might get from working with you. Share the results your past advertisers got, especially if they had a high click rate or low cost per click (CPC).

Focus on the great things about your newsletter, including things like how quickly you grew your following, awards you’ve won, or publications that have written about you.

Has your content hit the first page of Reddit? Let them know.

Anything you can do to show reader engagement and enthusiasm will also get them excited about working with you, so if you regularly get tons of comments on Instagram, or have exceptional open rates, be sure to call it out.

Be Clear and Concise

Advertisers are busy, they don’t always make time for their inboxes, and sometimes your request even has to go through a couple of people to get to the right one. When it comes to cold pitching, the odds generally just aren’t in your favor.

One way you can increase the chances of your email making it to the right person and actually getting read? Keep it short and to the point.

If there is any confusion about what you’re looking for from the brand, or you launch into a pages-long history of your newsletter, your email will maybe get skimmed and almost certainly moved to the trash.

Keep it clear and concise, providing the most pertinent details and letting your media kit do the rest of the talking for you.

Your Media Kit

The final ingredient of the perfect pitch email for advertisers is your media kit. Before hitting send, attach your media kit, or provide a link to your online media kit or Paved profile.

Wondering how to create your media kit? Some of the most important elements of a great media kit are:

  • Explanation of your brand and topics you mail about
  • Audience profile and demographic information, if you have it (sign up for Paved and connect your ESP to get this information for free)
  • Up-to-date email metrics, including list size, open rate, and click rates

You can also include sample newsletters, a list of topics you cover, or a list of your most popular blog posts, to round out the profile of your list that you’re sharing with advertisers.

If you’ve worked with advertisers before, you can include the names or logos of those brands, and even a testimonial if you worked with an advertiser that was particularly pleased with the results of the campaign.

The media kit should answer all of the lingering questions that an advertiser might have, so that there’s nothing standing between them and a positive reply.

Sell More Ad Space with a Great Pitch

When you’re selling advertising space, it’s important to reach out to the right advertisers, in the right way. With the pitch email we’ve outlined, you’ll be well on your way to working with more advertisers and boosting your newsletter ad revenue in no time.

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