Write for Paved

Paved’s Guest Post Guidelines

Paved accepts guest posts written by publishers, marketers, and industry experts.

To ensure a quick submission process, please take a look at the guidelines listed below.


We accept articles on the following topics.

  • How to write a newsletter (tips, guides, and case studies)
  • Technical aspects of email (ESPs, HTML, deliverability)
  • Growth hacking
  • PPC advertising
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Running sponsorships with influencers
  • A/B testing for emails and ad campaigns
  • Conversion optimization (headlines, ads, CTRs, open rates etc.)

All articles should relate to newsletters, blogs, influencer sponsorship, or advertising online.

Types of content that Paved publishes

How to’s / What is:/ Why Posts that teach users a new tool, system, or way of thinking.

Case studies: Cover a topic in depth illustrating your point of view with real-world examples.

Opinion posts: If you have a strong opinion or a new way of thinking about a common problem. Must be have to data to back it up.

Roundups: A curated list jam-packed with information and value.

How to submit a guest post idea

We suggest you submit your blog post idea before writng. Please send an email to [email protected] with the subject: Guest post: [working title of your post].

In your email, include:

  • 3x headline ideas
  • A short summary of what you want to write
  • A sample of your previous writing (can be a blog post or newsletter)

Guest post requirements

  1. Your article needs to be between 700 and 2500 words long
  2. Only one link in the article to your own website is allowed
  3. You must link to at least 3 other sources or references in your article
  4. 1 link must be to Paved’s existing content
  5. Send the doc in Google Doc format
  6. Include a short bio and image of yourself