10 Newsletters Like Morning Brew

Newsletters like Morning Brew have an audience that’s interested in the latest products and software. Readers freely purchase from brands that make their personal and professional lives easier and are often early adopters of new technology.  

Morning Brew is a newsletter that covers current news in tech, business, and finance. Their witty tone and skimmable daily format appeal to wealthy professional millennials living in the US.

Previous advertisers who’ve gotten good results with Morning Brew include: 

  • Tech-based SaaS companies like, Jamf, and Airtable
  • Product-based businesses targeting millennials such as insurance company Lemonade, shoe startup All Birds, and clothing brand Everlane 
  • Finance-related services and apps such as The Motley Fool, Stripe, and Masterworks
  • Education & courses from brands like Harvard University, Oxford University, and Udemy

Below, you’ll find ten newsletters like Morning Brew that have a similar audience profile. Many of Morning Brew’s previous advertisers have also run sponsorships on these newsletters. 

Newsletters like Morning Brew: Find the right audience

According to Paved’s data, readers who subscribe to Morning Brew have the following demographics:

  • Majority US-based
  • Millennials between the ages of 25 and 45 (with an average age of 35)
  • High net worth individuals working as managers, CEOs, directors, or in decision-making positions
  • Working in industries like marketing, finance, IT, and software
  • Have job functions like marketing, operations, sales, finance, media, and engineering
  • Employed at Fortune 500 companies, startups, and enterprise-level businesses

1. Inside Daily Brief

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

The well-known brand produces this daily newsletter.  Each issue is around five to then stories long and covers current political news, worldwide business news, finance news, and market trends. It’s curated with clear-cut commentary from a US perspective.

Inside Daily Brief’s topic coverage and reporting style is similar to Morning Brew, and the readership demographics are almost identical.

The Audience: 

  • 80% director level and above  
  • 75% work at enterprise and mid-cap companies
  • 70,000 subscribers are founders/execs, 60,000 are developers, 50,000 are marketers, 30,000 are in sales, and 25,000 work in finance 
  • Most of the audience works at tech companies

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Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

The SHIFT sends readers a dose of fitness, healthy living, adventure, and outdoor content. Each issue contains a curated set of stories from the male perspective. 

The audience is a little less business-focused and is read by millennials who have a holistic concept of success. Readers are interested in exercising their mind, body, and spirit as well as financial success. 

The Audience: 

  • 93% male
  • The majority of readers are between 21 and 54 years old
  • 88% earn $50k+ a year
  • 58% earn $100k+ a year

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3. ExecSum

Tens of thousands of subscribers

ExecSum is an expert financial and business newsletter read by investors, VCs, and bankers. Despite its jargon-filled coverage of financial topics, the newsletter is quickly digestible by its primarily professional reader base. 

The Audience:

  • 60% earn $100k+ a year
  • 75% are intermediate – professional investors

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4. The Elevator

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

The Elevator is a men’s newsletter that curates thought-provoking articles from a wide range of topics. Culture, lifestyle, business, and a dose of eye candy are at the heart of each issue.

The Audience: 

  • 95% male
  • 89% earn $50k+ a year
  • 57% earn $100k+ a year

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5. 1440 Daily Digest

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

1440 draws in educated readers who want the news without bias. The reporting style is factual without sensationalist angles or one-sided perspectives. Topic coverage is focused on US business, politics, and market trends.

The Audience:

  • The average age is 38 
  • The average household income is $145k a year
  • Equal split between male and female readership 
  • 80% decisions makers in manager or C-suite roles

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6. iDrop News

Millions of subscribers

iDrop reports on all things Apple. The newsletter is a collection of news, how-to guides, product and software reviews, and rumored releases. Readers are interested in technology and improving their use of Apple products. 

The Audience: 

  • A median age of 50
  • A median income of $100k+ a year 
  • 90% US-based
  • Interested in Apple-related products, tech, and software

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7. Bloomberg’s Evening Briefing 

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

Bloomberg’s Evening Briefing newsletter has a similar topic coverage and audience to Morning Brew. The Evening Briefing is sent to subscribers late afternoon and contains the biggest stories of the day. Topics include market shifts and business-related events.

The Audience: 

  • 69% male, 29% female
  • 83% married
  • 49% with children
  • The average age is 44
  • The average household income is $193k 
  • High concentration of C-suite and executive-level readers 

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8. spoiled

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

The spoiled newsletter is published by the popular food and culture brand spoiled NYC. Readers are primarily residents of New York City who want the inside scoop on food, events, culture, and fashion.

A unique aspect of this audience is the majority female readership. Advertising campaigns that work well on spoiled are branded content pieces, giveaways, and event promotions.

The Audience: 

  • 55% female, 45% male
  • 65% live in New York
  • Annual household income of $75k+ a year

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9. The Report

Tens of thousands of subscribers

The Report is the new kid on the newsletter block. It’s quickly gaining traction with readers using a clean, bullet-point-heavy reporting style. Each issue contains three current event stories in business, finance, and tech.

The Audience:

  • 70% male, 30% female 
  • Professionals in media, tech, finance, SaaS, and others 
  • Age ranges from Millenials to 65+

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10. Scotts Cheap Flights

Millions of subscribers

As you would expect from the name, Scotts Cheap Flights sends readers flight deals, accommodation promotions, and travel-related savings from around the world. Each edition also comes packed with travel tips and the latest travel industry news.

Readers have a high average household income and are interested in travel gear, tech, and apps. 

The Audience: 

  • The majority of readers are young and middle-aged professionals
  • Average household income of $100k+ a year
  • 82% of readers say travel is critical to their happiness
  • 88% of readers take on planning responsibilities for travel

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Newsletters like Morning Brew get excellent ROI 

The readers of Morning Brew and the newsletters on this list are affluent decision-makers that have a significant disposable income. They’re predominantly male, working professionals who hold senior positions in big companies. 

Whether you’re a B2B, DTC, or B2C business, this type of audience has a high intent to purchase products that make their business and personal life better. And that translates in great conversion rates for you.

Each of the newsletters on this list sells out fast. Sign up to Paved today to get started.