What’s Next for Email Advertising: Programmatic Native Ads

If you’re getting frustrated with the increasing costs and limited return of social media advertising, it’s time to try something new. 

Social media and display advertising may be popular, but, ultimately, users are largely blocking ads, or just ignoring them all together. Unlike the passive scroll through social media, or the glance past a display ad, email advertising offers the opportunity to reach potential customers where they are engaged and attentive: their inbox.

Plus, with our new native email sponsorships, we’ve made it ridiculously easy to set up your first campaign using the kind of targeting and budgeting options that you’re used to seeing when you create ads now.

Ready to get started with advertising that works? Here’s how and why to get started with our new beta program:

Why Native Email Advertising Works

The reason why email advertising works is simple—email subscribers are engaged. Many users have gone ad blind to display ads, and passively scroll past social media ads.

Email is another story. More than 50 percent of Americans check their personal email more than 10 times per day—and they report that it is their preferred way to hear from brands, according to Hubspot.

Plus, the content that users allow into their inbox reflects topics that they are truly passionate about—not just whatever random Facebook page they liked 10 years ago. If a customer signs up for a newsletter about photography, you can assume they are very interested in photography, making them a phenomenal audience to target.

Our new programmatic native advertising option gives you even more flexibility than a typical email sponsorship. Now, you can target not only based on newsletter topics and the demographics of a given list, but based on individual subscriber demographics as well.

Plus, your ad will be integrated with newsletters across our platform, giving you access to millions of engaged readers while you only need to create one campaign.

How to Create Your Campaign

Ready to create your first native email ad with our new targeting options? Here’s how easy it is to get started:

Define Your Audience

While email sponsorships have always offered targeting opportunities based on the interests and demographics of a given newsletter, our new programmatic options allow even further targeting across over 12 million newsletter subscribers. 

To start, define the target audience for your ad, based on your target customer profile (or one of them if you have many). 

Currently on our platform, you can target subscribers based on their location, interests, and employment information.

Create Ad Copy

Next, craft the creative for your ad based on the profile you created and what you know about your customers—their interests, the kinds of content they engage with, and what problem you can solve for them.

Once you’ve written your copy, our platform automatically creates a native ad that fits in with the design of each specific newsletter.

Set Your Budget

Finally, you can set your budget. Don’t struggle with unpredictable results—you can set your budget based on CPC or CPM, and set a daily budget as well.

Worried about diminishing returns as users are exposed to your ad multiple times? Just set a frequency cap and decide how many times a given user will see your ad in a set period of time.

You can also set your ad to run for a specific period of time at this step.

Try Programmatic Email Advertising with Paved

Finally, just review the information to be sure it’s correct, and submit your ad.

There you have it—you’ve created your first email ad! Now it’s easier than ever to find a great, engaged audience to target and run ads that get results.

We gave you the how-to, now you just have to dive in. Opt in to the beta today and see how easy it can be to create effective ads with our new programmatic features.