How to Monetize Your Email Newsletter with Advertising

Email advertising goes by a lot of names: email drop, dedicated email advertising, sponsored email advertising, dedicated e-blast, newsletter blast, newsletter sponsorship…the list goes on. But no matter what you call it, there’s no doubt: email advertising is one of the best ways to monetize your email newsletter.

Not only can you make money from the audience you’ve worked so hard to build, but you can provide them with valuable offers from advertisers in your niche, all without having to worry about creating even more content yourself.

Plus, with ad blockers on the rise—seeing 30 percent growth from Dec 2015–Dec 2016 according to PageFair—you can provide great value to advertisers looking to get through to your readers.

If you blog, you may already be using sponsored posts to monetize your audience. If so, email advertising can take your monetization strategies to the next level.

I’m going to walk you through how to use advertising to monetize your email newsletter, so you can get started making money quickly and easily. Or, if you want to jump straight to the tools, check out Paved, a platform for sponsorships.

Why Use Advertising to Monetize Your List?

Advertising is one of the easiest ways to monetize your newsletter list, requiring very little extra work, with the potential to make a lot of money.

Not only that, but advertising to your list can help you to be seen as an authority, especially since you’re delivering relevant offers and exclusive discounts. Framed the right way, with the right offers, advertising can help your readers feel like they get an exclusive deal or are in a special club because they follow you.

If you still aren’t convinced, you can also offer email sponsorships instead of dedicated emails, which give you the opportunity to send unobtrusive advertisements alongside your normal email newsletter.

The biggest benefit, of course, is the opportunity to make money and turn your newsletter audience into a revenue stream or a business in itself.

Get Started with Email Advertising

Ready to get started with email advertising? The first step is to decide whether to go it alone or use a marketplace like Paved that helps you find advertising partners.

I’ll walk you through the process either way so you can decide what will work best for you.

Create a Media Kit

If you want to get started advertising to your email newsletter, a good place to start is by creating a way to share crucial information with advertising partners. This generally takes the form of a media kit.

In addition to the size of your list, your media kit should include information about the types of content you create, your target readership, and what your brand is all about. Be sure to include important metrics like open and click rates, as well as any demographic information you know about your readers.

If you sign up for the Paved marketplace, we make it easy to create an effective media kit to help you stand out from the crowd.

Just connect Paved to your email service provider (ESP). We’ll take a small sample from your list (don’t worry, we never store your subscribers’ email addresses) and create a media kit based on the demographics of your users.

In just a couple of days, we’ll fill out your profile with location, household, and employment information about your list.

Paved Media Kit Example

Your profile will also have verified stats—like open and click rates—that advertisers look for. Just like that, you’ve got a media kit, ready to share with advertisers.

Decide What Kind of Ads to Offer

Now, you’ll have to decide what kinds of ads to offer. Email advertising usually falls into either dedicated or sponsored emails.

At Paved, we define sponsored emails as a promotional offer or ad alongside regular newsletter content.

Dedicated emails, on the other hand, are sent on behalf of an advertiser, and contain entirely advertiser-created content.

The kind of ads you choose to offer is completely up to you. While sponsored emails are less intrusive to your readers, they’ll also make you less money and draw fewer clicks. We’ve found that many publishers like to offer both kinds of advertising and let brands choose how they want to advertise with them.

Set Your Rates

Email advertising rates are generally set on a CPM basis, or cost per 1,000 subscribers on your list. We’ve found that most advertisers don’t want to see a CPM over $30.

Keep in mind, though, that the number of subscribers you have is not the only indicator of list quality that advertisers are looking at, and shouldn’t be the only way you price your list.

If you have very high open and click rates, you will be able to charge more for your email advertising. If you offer a very niche audience, you also may command a higher rate for your email ads.

When you’re first looking to monetize your email newsletter, it might be hard to know how to set your rates. If you’re doubting yourself, try pricing a bit on the low end of your goals, and once you’ve worked with a few advertisers and shown your value, you can always change your rates.

Find Advertising Partners

One you have a media kit and know how much you’re looking to charge, you can jump into finding advertising partners.

Start by making it clear on your website that you’re open to advertisers by adding a “work with me” or “advertising opportunities” page. You can add your media kit and either a link to your Paved profile or your email address to this page.

As you work with more advertisers, this page can also include examples of those campaigns and logos of brands you’ve worked with.

Advertisers won’t always come to your site, though, so you might also want to try reaching out to them. A good place to start is brands you’ve already mentioned on your site or in your email newsletter. If you frequently mention your favorite products, reach out to those companies first.

You can generally find a PR contact or at least a contact form on brand websites. Ask if they work with publishers and share your media kit via email. While this process can be tedious, it can be an effective method to find advertisers to work with.

If you want advertisers to come to you, though, try creating a Paved profile. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to showcase information about your newsletter list to interested brands.

Connect your email service provider (ESP) to Paved in order to verify your email list metrics and create the media kit I mentioned before.

We have a marketplace of advertisers looking for publishers to partner with, so once you have a Paved profile, brands will come to you through our marketplace. Plus, advertisers provide payment through our platform, so we make sure you get paid the same day you hit send.

Monetize Your Email Newsletter

With these easy steps, you can take your email list from an engaged community to a real money-maker. Take control of your life and your job by monetizing your email newsletter with advertising.

Want to make it even easier to monetize your email list and get paid faster? Sign up to Paved today to monetize your email newsletter quickly and easily.