Paved Marketplace Update: Deeper Media Kit Demographics on Publisher Profiles

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re taking our media kit demographics to the next level by adding even more information that publishers and advertisers alike are looking for.

Media kits are important.

For publishers, they provide a way to showcase their newsletter, show their value to advertisers, and lock down more advertising spaces.

For advertisers, media kits are helpful to understand the list they’re potentially mailing to.

That’s why we’ve always made it easier than ever to create the most effective media kit possible. By simply connecting their ESP to Paved, our publishers can automatically keep their stats up-to-date.

As a result, advertisers are confident in their investment, since they can see accurate email engagement metrics like list size, open rates, and click rates, which are updated on a daily basis.

Not only that, but we use the information from a given publisher’s list to pull demographic information about their list, like location and company size.

The Paved Marketplace Media Kit Paints a Portrait of Newsletter Subscribers with Demographic Data

Publishers can use this information to tailor content to and begin to monetize their email list, and advertisers can know exactly who they’re reaching with a given ad.

And, beginning today, we’ve deepened and expanded the information in the media kits on our platform.

This information, called Active Customer Intelligence, is assembled by observing the behavior of individuals shopping online at 10,000 stores, on 175 million product listings, and with 7,500 brands across thousands of shopping sites, review sites, and deal sites.

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Understand and Reach Newsletter Readers Based on Life Milestones

Until now, our media kits have shown you details on the location, gender, age, household and employment of newsletter readers. That meant that you could understand the breakdown of household income and personal vs. corporate email addresses on a given list.

Now, we’re expanding into the personal side of newsletter demographics with information on life milestones and relationships.

Paved Media Kit Updates Now Include Milestone Data

The life milestones we’re able to provide data on include college students, engagements, expecting parents, home buyers, moms, and new parents.

Whether or not a subscriber falls into one of these categories depends on a few factors in their web use, including self identification and shopping habits. For instance, if a given user is consistently shopping for engagement rings and wedding gowns, they will be tagged as getting married.

How can this information help you? If you are a publisher, information like this can help you deepen your understanding of your list and the stages of life your subscribers are moving through.

You may be able to tailor your content better to your readers, or edit your pitch to advertisers to showcase a particular life stage group. If you make a claim to have a lot of members of one of these groups on your list, such as if you have a newsletter for expecting parents, you can now back up that claim with data.

For advertisers, these numbers allow another method of targeting newsletter subscribers beyond the niche of a given list.

If you have a good idea of your target audience, like a product for college students, you can find lists that align with that audience and better tailor your messaging. You can be sure that you’re reaching the audience you want to reach, with actual data to backup your targeting.

Reach Newsletter Readers Based on Interests

That’s not the only update we’ve made to our media kits. In addition to information about life milestones, we’re now including reader interest demographics in our media kit.

These interests are primarily determined based on purchasing and shopping behavior. If a user consistently shops for clothing and accessories, they will fall in the fashion category.

The interest areas we now include in our media kits include fitness, video games, automotives, outdoor activities, pets, sports, technology, adventure sports, beauty, home decor, DIY, and fashion.

Paved Media Kits Now Updated to Show Interest Data

In addition, our media kits include information about who on your list is the head of their household (based on purchasing behavior for child products, pets, and home items); early adopters of technology; subscribers interested in smart home technology; and readers who have given up their cable subscriptions in favor of streaming services.

The application of this information is similar to that of the life milestones data.

For publishers, you can verify for your advertising partners that your list is interested in the topics that you write about, and isn’t a purchased list or packed with irrelevant subscribers. You may also find new areas of interest that you may want to consider writing about.

Advertisers can benefit from a deeper understanding of the interests of a given list as well.

The new interest demographics will allow you to target readers based on actual data about their shopping behavior, giving you confidence in not only their interests, but their potential purchasing power.

A Deeper Understanding of Subscribers

Whether from the publishing side or the advertising side, the updates to the Paved media kit demographics will allow you to deepen your understanding of who exactly is subscribed to a given list.

Combined with important engagement metrics, advertisers can gain a robust understanding of the advertising potential of a list, while publishers can fill more sponsorship space.

Paved exists to simplify the sponsorship relationship for both advertisers and publishers. If you want to see how easy sponsored content can be, sign up for Paved as an advertiser or as a publisher today.