How to Make More Money off Your Email Newsletter

From perfecting subject lines to segmenting lists, you know that email newsletter publishers have a lot on their plates. And these responsibilities only seem to expand as your audience becomes larger and more engaged.

But what if you could reap extra profits from your email newsletter, all without putting in additional time and effort?

That’s where dedicated email comes in. By partnering with the right advertisers and staying in control of your messaging, dedicated emails are an extremely effective way to monetize your existing newsletter.

What is Dedicated Email?

A dedicated email is when a newsletter publisher shares a certain commercial message with their audience on behalf of an advertiser. Dedicated emails differ from standard promotional emails because they are targeted specifically for that newsletter’s audience.

If you manage a newsletter about graphic design, for example, you might share a design software company’s promotion with your list.

Since you know what your audience’s pain points are, you chose to work only with the advertisers whose offer or product aligned with those needs.

Common Concerns

Some email publishers avoid working with advertisers for fear that they’ll appear spammy or overly promotional. Another common fear is that placing advertisements in your email will lead to unsubscribes.

When you’ve worked so hard to build an engaged audience, why would you jeopardize it with someone else’s promotion?

These are all valid concerns, but they’re only relevant to ordinary email advertisements.

Dedicated email is different.


Think about it this way: your audience voluntarily signed up for your newsletter. They’re already interested in the themes and ideas your newsletter covers.

Since dedicated emails are always aligned with your audience’s interests, they feel relevant, helpful, and interesting.

Why Dedicated Emails Work

Another reason dedicated emails differ from ordinary advertisements is that dedicated emails put you in control.

If a commercial message doesn’t align with your audience, or it needs a change of messaging, you’ll always have the final say. You also get to choose when, where and how each dedicated email goes out. This way, you’ll never have to be afraid of spamming your audience’ inbox.

You can also mitigate the risk of seeming promotional by only accepting ad requests from large, relevant brands with appealing offers.

When a promotion hits at your audience’s pain points, solves their needs, and is on topic with some of their favorite interests, the thought of unsubscribing won’t even cross their minds.

Best of all, your email list is always kept private. This keeps your audience safe from spam and other malicious mailings, so they continue trusting your newsletter as they always have.

How to Start a Dedicated Email Campaign

Advertisers see your newsletter audience as an opportunity to generate new business, and it’s something they’re willing to pay top dollar for. This form of newsletter monetization is a win-win for both advertisers and publishers, but how do you get started?

Finding the Right Advertisers

The key to a successful dedicated email campaign is finding high quality advertisers. What makes an advertiser “high quality” can vary depending on the publisher, but there are two key factors to watch for.

The first is that it should be a large or reputable company that your audience finds credible. Even if your audience hasn’t heard of the company before, it should be someone they can easily find with a quick google or social media search.

Second, it’s essential that your advertiser has something valuable to offer. Whatever their promotion is must benefit your audience based on their specific interests. This ensures that the message is aligned with your audience, which increases the likelihood that it will resonate with them.

Aligning Your Advertisements

To better understand successful dedicated email partnerships, consider this dedicated email from the Need to Know newsletter.

The daily world news roundup featured this promotion from Casper, an affordable mattress company that offers direct delivery. Casper’s innovative product is a perfect fit for the intelligent, forward-thinking audience that reads Need to Know’s newsletter.

The message is informative, to-the-point, and offers a valuable deal on a first mattress.

Such relevancy ensures that Need to Know earns a profit from sharing the advertisement, all without incurring unsubscribes or other related losses.

Another example of a well-aligned campaign is this dedicated mailing from Webdesigner Depot. The free trial is for Treehouse, an online web skills course. It’s a relevant and highly valuable offer for Webdesigner Depot’s technologically-minded audience.

This dedicated email also succeeds because it’s clearly targeted towards WebdesignerDepot readers. It also uses language that reminds the audience it’s just temporary, urging them to take advantage of the offer.

Dedicated emails are an easy way to monetize an existing asset, build advertiser relationships, and continue meeting the needs of your audience in creative and profitable ways.