Write for Paved

Get Paid to Write Tutorials

We’re asking all writers with experience in newsletter publishing, sponsorship, and advertising to join us! Paved is offering $50 per tutorial or blog post. You’ll be featured on our blog and will receive credit for writing the post. There’s no limit to the number of articles you write or submit.


We accept articles on the following topics:

  • Newsletter writing and publishing
  • Growing a blog or newsletter
  • Writing and copywriting for ads or influencers
  • A/B testing
  • Paved tutorials
  • Email service provider tutorials (eg. how to set up a newsletter on Mailchimp)
  • Technical newsletter setup
  • AMP for email
  • Sponsorship case studies

All articles should relate to newsletters, blogs, influencer sponsorship, or advertising online.

Why write for Paved?

Our goal at Paved is to build up a large, comprehensive library about everything email sponosorship. We want to support small publishers in growing their audience, monetizing their newsletter and, in summary, kicking some serious ass.

When our headlines promise ‘5 ways to grow your newsletter’, readers should expect 5 real ways that will grow their newsletter. Click bait headlines only capture attention – the content has to be valuable, quick to digest, and backed up by real experience or research.

How to submit an idea or article

If you are interested in becoming a writer for Paved, submit an article idea to [email protected] Please include the subject line ‘Writer submission for Paved’ in your first email. You will need to submit the following:

  • 3x headline ideas
  • A short summary of what you want to write
  • A sample of your previous writing (can be a blog post or newsletter)

Paved’s requirements

  1. Your article needs to be between 700 and 2500 words long
  2. No plagiarism will be accepted
  3. Only one link in the article to your own website is allowed
  4. You must link to at least 3 other sources or references in your article
  5. Please spellcheck everything
  6. Use the Hemmingway app to make sure your article is below Grade 9 in readability. Grade 7 is best.