4 Steps to Find the Best Newsletter Advertisers Right Now

Kudos to you. 

You’ve put in the work. You’ve shown up to the party and danced your heart out. You’ve written thousands of words, opened millions of tabs, and have the subscribers to show for it. 

The next step is to actually start making money from your hyper-engaged newsletter audience. And to do that, you’re going to need to find some high-quality advertisers.

Here’s how. 

Step 1: Join a Marketplace 

Marketplaces and directories are step one in the journey to monetization. You want to show up in as many places as possible and reach as many advertisers as possible. 

a marketplace of newsletters

In an active Marketplace, advertisers will browse thousands of listings to pick your newsletter. Generally, advertisers browse by category, carefully checking if a newsletter’s audience is a good match for their brand.

Paved runs a Marketplace like this, but you can only get listed when your subscriber count breaks past the 10k mark. Sponsorgap also lists opportunities where advertisers are directly sponsoring and looking for newsletters to send them a pitch. 

Make sure you include your audience details and metrics. We’ve found that including demographic statistics is particularly powerful.

advertisers love stats

Step 2: Join Directories to Increase Your Visibility

Directories are similar to marketplaces in that they are a database of newsletters. However, advertising deals rarely happen on directories. They are more about growth and visibility. Here are some you can try to get your newsletter on: 

When advertisers search for a newsletter, they generally punch something like ‘top 10 technology newsletter” into Google. Listing in directories is going to help you show up more often.

Step 3: Join a Network of Like-Minded Publishers

Networking is one of the most powerful sales tools out there. I recommend you join every group you can and find out what sticks! 

Here are a few to get you started: 

These communities often have sponsorship and growth opportunities. They won’t be obvious at first, but in the long run, you’ll definitely find them. Check out this post from Indie Hackers below as an example!

join indie hacker's newsletter group to get  a sponsor

Step 4: Advertise that you accept sponsorships

Make sure advertisers know how to get a hold of you.

Often, readers of popular newsletters will want to place an ad but won’t be able to. Why? Because there’s no place for it on your website!

You will not believe how a small link in your footer can boost your earnings. 



Another newsletter puts the advertise button right up at the top of their website in the header menu


But what happens after an advertiser clicks on your sponsorship or advertise link? 

You have two options. Either you can send them to your own landing page with more detailed information, or you can send them to a Marketplace profile to proceed and book the sponsorship. 

how to purchase an ad on for the interested newsletter
Above is a landing page where advertisers can book a sponsorship with the newsletter by clicking a ink or by emailing the writer.
paved profile for hacker news digest
This is a profile for Hacker News Digest on When advertisers click on a footer link, they get sent to this page where it’s easy to book an ad.

You know where to find the newsletter advertisers… now what?! 

Now you know how to find the advertisers, you actually need to go out there and bring them in! This means it’s time to take the next steps, sign up to a Marketplace, or go ahead and create your landing page and media kit, and start reaching out to advertisers directly.