How to Find the Best Lists for a Strong Email Newsletter Advertising Partnership

You’ve probably heard about email newsletter advertising. It’s no surprise: by the end of 2019, the number of worldwide email users will reach 2.9 billion, according to a Radicati study. Plus, with ad blocker use up 30 percent last year, your display ads just aren’t as effective as they once were.

If you’re ready to try advertising methods that actually get seen, the inbox is a great place to start.

But when you’re ready to get started, one big hurdle tends to pop up: how do you actually find newsletters that are a good fit for your email list rental?

Not to worry, because we’re laying out just how to do that today—whether or not you use a platform like Paved to find publishers.

Stick to Related Topics

The first step to finding a great publishing partner is to research newsletters in your niche. While it may be tempting just to seek out the largest lists you can find, sticking to related topics will ultimately serve you better in the long run.

Newsletters that focus on topics in your niche may be smaller than more general topic email lists, but they will also have a more targeted audience that is interested in what you have to say.

Plus, with the right offer, your promotional message will seem more like a special deal or exclusive offer, so followers will be likely to form a positive association with your brand, instead of seeing you as an inbox invader.

That’s why the first step to finding great newsletters is to search for publishers within your niche. Seek out blogs in your topic area by searching on google or social media sites, and then check to see if they have “work with me” pages.

You could also try searching for a word related to your topic—say “interior design” for a furniture company, and then add “work with me” or “all opinions are my own” to the end of your search term. These searches will bring up publishers that already have worked with brands in the past.

Another method is to use a platform like Paved to find publishing partners in your niche. On the Paved marketplace, you can browse by niche, allowing you to quickly narrow in on which publishers would be a good fit for your brand. Sign up for Paved to find new publishing partners the easy way.

With a quick Paved search, you would be able to find that Decoist fits right within your interior decorating niche, or Wanderfull is the perfect audience for your travel product.

Check Out The Metrics

Of course, you’re not done once you’ve found a few good candidates for email advertising. Now, you’ll have to get the facts in order to know whether these publisher options are a good fit for your brand.

At this point, you’ll generally need to reach out to a publisher and ask for a media kit, unless they have one already on their website or have linked to their Paved profile.

While the most important number to look for is list size, don’t forget to pay attention to engagement metrics like open rate and click rate.

These numbers will add a greater context to the list size you’re looking at. After all, you could send an ad to a massive list, but if nobody opens the email, you won’t see results.

If you’re using Paved to find advertising partners, these kinds of metrics will be listed on their Paved profile, before you even have to reach out.

Finding Publishers for Your Email Advertising Campaign

We have verified email engagement metrics for most publishers, along with robust demographic data pulled right from their email list. That means you can be confident in your investment and trust the numbers in front of you.

Demographic Data

Take note of any other metrics on the media kit, like demographic data that reveals additional detail about who the audience is and what they are interested in. If any demographics seem off or just leave you confused about who you’re mailing to, it could be a red flag.

On the other hand, demographics can also help to provide deeper insight into the types of readers on the newsletter list. You might even be able to tailor your messaging based on the demographics you find, or at least confirm hunches you might have had about a given list’s readership.

For instance, if you’re looking to mail to remote workers, but especially developers, it would be extremely helpful to know that Workfrom has 6.64 times as many developers as the average newsletter on Paved.

At Paved, we know how important it is to really understand the list you’re mailing to, which is why we allow publishers to connect their ESPs to our platform, and then automatically create a demographic profile of their readership.

How to Find Publishers Email Newsletter Advertising Demographics

We provide robust data on the location, gender, and age of subscribers. We also provide information on their income, net worth, life milestones, and interests. We can even show what kind of job titles readers have and whether there is a large percentage of developers on a given list.

Plus, these demographics are verified through the publisher’s ESP, and updated weekly, so you can have confidence in your investment.

Compare Rates

Finally, you’ll of course want to pay attention to how much advertising with a particular publisher is going to cost you.

When you get newsletter advertising rates from a publisher, they’ll be in the form of CPM, which indicates the cost per 1,000 subscribers that they have. That’s not the only rate metric that we think is worth paying attention to, though.

Here at Paved, we also recommend paying attention to metrics that will showcase the actual return you can expect to see from your campaign, including cost per click (CPC) and, ultimately, cost per acquisition (CPA).

After all, these are the results that will truly indicate whether your campaign was successful. That’s why email engagement metrics are so important.

The real ROI of your campaign is determined by your CPC and CPA, so we give you a chance to find out what those numbers might be before you even reach out to a particular publisher.

How to Find Publishers to Work With for Your Newsletter Advertising Campaign

Each publisher profile in the Paved marketplace has an ROI calculator right on the page. Just fill in your landing page conversion rate to get an estimate of the CPA of an email campaign with a given publisher.

Now, you’re not only comparing the cost of blasting your message to a list of readers, but the actual cost of having your message seen, clicked on, and ultimately, the cost of acquiring new leads or customers.

Plus, not only can you compare the effectiveness of sending with different publishers, but you can also easily compare email newsletter advertising campaigns to other methods of acquisition.

Find the Right Partner for Your Email Newsletter Advertising

Now that you’ve not only found publishers in your niche, but also have compared metrics and advertising rates, you’re well on your way to a successful advertising campaign—not with just any publisher, but with the right fit for your brand.

If you want to see how easy it can be to grow your email advertising strategy, sign up for Paved today. Not only will you find new publishing partners, but you’ll streamline your entire email advertising process from start to finish.