Email List Rentals: How to Increase Your Ad ROI with Dedicated Email Advertising

If you’re currently running display ads or social media ads, you might be looking for a better return on your investment than you’re currently seeing. As ad blockers are on the rise and consumers become more trained to tune out advertising, you need to find a way to connect with new customers.

Email is a great way to reach consumers where they’re spending time anyway. Americans are so dependent on email that 79 percent of people admit to checking their email on vacation, and only 10 percent say they would be annoyed by someone checking their email during a face-to-face conversation, according to a survey by Adobe.

If you want to reach American consumers where they’re spending time already, the inbox is the way to go.

What is Dedicated Email Advertising?

Dedicated email advertising goes by many names:

  • Email drop
  • Dedicated email advertising
  • Dedicated e-blast
  • Newsletter blast
  • Newsletter sponsorship
  • Email list rental

The list goes on, but the basic premise remains the same: a publisher sends content on behalf of an advertiser to their email newsletter list.

Dedicated emails are entirely devoted to advertiser content, whereas sponsored emails contain a small ad alongside regular newsletter content.

In either case, the advertiser never sees the emails on the list they’re mailing to, which is how email list rentals differ from buying email lists. Instead, you can use the email ad as an opportunity to convert readers into leads or customers.

Dedicated emails are a great option for advertisers that are looking to get their message through to consumers.

Not only are they more likely to be seen than display and social ads, but they are a great opportunity to find a captive audience that has proven to be highly interested in a particular topic.

Can Dedicated Emails increase your ad ROI?

Dedicated emails can be a good way to increase your ad ROI if you’re smart about who you’re targeting and are willing to experiment to find the right offer for the right audience.

The key to your dedicated email strategy is finding the right audience. Ask yourself, if you were on that email list, would you be interested in an email from your company?

While you may be focused on quantity of new leads, you should also look at the quality of those leads. Readers who have shown interest in a topic related to your brand are probably going to be more likely to convert.

Aim to find email lists that are devoted to topics related to your brand. If you sell camping equipment, look for lists of outdoor enthusiasts and campers. While you can certainly try emailing more general lists, a list with a focused niche will yield a better return for you in the long run.

Looking to increase your ad ROI with email list rentals? Try using the ROI calculator in the Paved marketplace to estimate the ROI of a potential campaign before you reach out to a particular publisher.

ROI Calculator from Paved- ensure your email list rentals have the return you want to see

Just enter your page conversion rate to estimate the potential CPA of working with a particular publisher, based on their click rate and CPM.

Send Dedicated Emails with Paved

The ROI calculator isn’t the only way that Paved can help make your life easier when it comes to email list rentals.

With Paved, you can find, hire, and pay publishers all in one place.

Start by browsing our marketplace full of publisher profiles to find the perfect fit for your brand. In addition to gaining insight into the content of the newsletter, you can dive into verified metrics and audience demographics.

Once you’ve found a publisher to work with, agree on a date and upload content right to our platform.

After they send, you’ll be able to view real-time performance data like opens and clicks. You’ll be able to track exactly how your campaign is working, allowing you to spot weak spots.

As you test and tweak based on performance, you’ll be able to create a system that works and scale your email campaign strategy.

Try Email List Rentals for Yourself

With email list rentals, you can have your message seen in a way that isn’t distracting, doesn’t get ignored, and wont be erased by ad blockers. Not only that, but dedicated email advertising allows you to connect directly with your ideal customer, boosting the ROI of your campaigns compared to other forms of advertising.

Ready to get started with your first dedicated email advertising campaign? Sign up for Paved today to start working with publishers and get your message seen.