Email Engagement Metrics Advertisers Should be Looking For

Email Engagement Metrics Advertisers Should Be Looking For

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When you’re looking at a publisher’s media kit, it can be hard to know what kind of results you can expect from advertising with them.

You usually have a sense of their list size and maybe some audience demographics. You can deduce some of their interests based on the topic of the newsletter.

But unless you’re paying attention to email engagement metrics, you’re missing a huge part of the story of that list. Engagement metrics show how much readers actually open and click on the emails from a particular publisher, providing an important insight into how they’ll respond to your email list rental.

If you want to get the most out of your email advertising strategy, you need to pay attention to email engagement metrics when deciding whether to work with a given publisher.

List Size Isn’t Everything

When you run email advertisements, you probably generally pay the most attention to the list size of a publisher you’re looking to work with. It makes sense—the size of an audience you’re looking to reach is crucial to understanding the potential ROI of a dedicated email campaign.

But if list size is the only metric you pay attention to, you’re missing out on a crucial indicator of campaign success: engagement.

Whether you like it or not, list size isn’t everything. If you’re mailing to a list of 100,000 people, but none of them open the email, that send will be a waste.

That’s why engagement metrics are so crucial: they tell you not only how many people have the potential to see your campaign, but how many people will actually see your message.

Engagement metrics also indicate list health. Email lists naturally degrade by about 22 percent each year, according to Hubspot—readers often get a new email address, or they just lose interest and stop opening. A healthy list will show engagement metrics that indicate people are actually opening the emails.

That’s why, here at Paved, we don’t have massive email lists in our publisher platform—because we know they don’t have the quality of list that will deliver real results for our community of advertisers.

Email Engagement Metrics to Watch For

If you want to pay attention to the percentage of readers that are engaging with emails from a particular publisher, open rate and click rate are the metrics to watch for.

Wondering what constitutes a good open or click rate? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Open and click rates will vary by industry and even depending on the list size.

MailChimp did a study of average open and click rates in a number of industries, which can be a helpful resource for comparison.

A given publisher’s open and click rates offer the best indication of the kinds of engagement you can expect to see from your email advertising. That means you can more accurately estimate the real results of your campaign—before you even reach out to a publisher.

The next time you receive a media kit from a publisher, be sure to check their open and click rates to ensure their audience is actively engaging with their content.

Put Engagement Metrics Into Action

Knowing a potential publishing partner’s engagement metrics can be helpful in determining the return you can expect to see on a given campaign.

That’s why, here at Paved, we encourage advertisers to not only look at advertising rates in terms of CPM, but also in terms of cost per click (CPC). That means looking at engagement as well as list size.

CPC allows you to gain a greater insight into the real results you can expect to see from your campaign.

Combined with an estimate of your landing page conversion rate, you can get a sense of the cost per acquisition (CPA) of a given campaign before even reaching out to a publisher.

Wondering about the CPC and potential CPA of a given campaign? Check out the ROI calculator on any publisher’s Paved profile.

ROI Calculator from Paved

This tool combines the publisher’s CPM and click rate, generally pulled directly from their email service provider, to provide a cost per click. Put in your own landing page conversion rate, and you can see the potential CPA of working with that publisher.

By calculating not only your CPM, but also your CPC and CPA, you can see the impact that email engagement metrics really have on the success of your advertising campaigns.

If you aren’t a member of Paved yet, sign up to see the ROI calculator in action.

Metrics of Success

If you’ve been wondering how to find advertising partners in a way that feels less like a gamble, try paying attention not only to list size, but engagement metrics as well.

Email engagement metrics like click and open rates will give you a better sense of the price for the real results you want to see: opens, clicks, and, of course, acquisition. And that means campaigns you can feel confident about.

If you want to quickly and easily calculate the results of a potential advertising campaign, join Paved today and see how easy sponsored content can be.