7 Insanely Clever Hacks to Your Improve Your Email Click Rate

When an advertiser is considering advertising to your email list, there are a few metrics in your media kit that they look to when deciding if your list will be a worthwhile investment. First, they look at list size. Then, if they’re a savvy marketer, it’s all about click rate and open rate.

After all, who wants to run an ad to a list that won’t see or engage with it?

Last week, I showed you how to get your open rates up so that your audience becomes more engaged, and your value to advertisers is clear. This week, it’s time to focus on the other major engagement metric that’s affecting your newsletter advertising rates: click rate.

Ready to watch your click rates skyrocket? Here are the clever hacks you need to get your engagement metrics where you want them:

1. Only Send Emails to Opted-In Readers

Let’s start at the beginning: you should only be sending emails to readers who have asked to hear from you. This is probably obvious, but since doing otherwise is the easiest way to hurt your open and click rates, it bears repeating.

When you send emails to readers who don’t want to hear from you, you hurt your engagement rates, but you also are likely to get marked as spam, which means you’re hurting your sender reputation as well. Plus, with the new GDPR regulations in effect, you may be opening your brand up to legal repercussions as well.

Just keep things above board and send emails to people who want to hear from you and you’ll be on your way to success.

2. Make Your Message Mobile-Friendly

According to Adestra, 62 percent of email opens now take place on mobile phones. That means over half of your subscribers are encountering your message while they wait for a train, stand in line at Starbucks, or (yep) on the toilet.

The quickest way to lose their interest? Send an email that isn’t mobile friendly, or that is hard to click on and engage with on mobile.

More than ever, your email template needs to be created with mobile email in mind first, and desktop second.

By working with your designer or even just making simple tweaks, you can ensure that your email click rate stays high on mobile. For instance, be sure that images are clickable—they’re a lot easier to tap on mobile than a little CTA.

3. Use Images

Speaking of images, yes, you need to figure out how to insert them into your email template. A Vero study showed that email campaigns with images in them had a 42 percent higher email click rate than those without images.

That means it’s worth testing whether images will work well in campaigns for your audience. Images can provide a bit of a visual break if you send text-heavy emails. They can also be a place to insert a little extra brand familiarity and build trust with readers.

Just be sure that the image sizes adjust based on the device readers are using, since you already know how important mobile-friendly emails are.

4. Build Trust

When you’re building an email newsletter, trust is everything. After all, you have to build a certain affinity with readers just to get them to provide an email address, and even more to have them consistently opening, reading, and clicking in your emails.

If you want to build trust with your readers, try starting with a welcome email series. This is a great opportunity to build a connection with your audience and to establish expectations.

Then, be sure you don’t do anything to lose trust with your readers. Overdoing the spammy advertisements? You’re probably going to lose trust. Working with advertisers that are relevant to your niche and that provide intriguing offers to your readers? No trust lost.  

5. Time it Right

In email marketing, timing can be one of the biggest headaches, and the biggest opportunities. After all, how are you supposed to know when your readers are most likely to open and click, and when they’re likely to just delete?

Testing is always the answer. Try sending on a few different days at the same time, tracking open and click rates in a spreadsheet. Then, when you find a day that seems to work best, try different times of day, as well.

According to many studies, Tuesdays are hands-down the best day to send email newsletters. That means Tuesday will be a good starting point for your testing—but you might also find that Saturdays way outperform Tuesdays for your particular audience. You don’t know until you test it.

6. Create a Killer CTA

Of course, when it comes down to it, the most important ingredient to getting a click is creating a killer clicking opportunity and asking for it in the right way. If your newsletter is a round up of links, it might be pretty straightforward to ask for a click (though you can always try mixing it up, too!).

If you’re linking to original content or advertiser offers, though, you might want to be more creative in the way you craft your CTA.

Always keep your CTA short and sweet (5-6 words should be plenty) and action-driven if you can. For instance, Sign Up Now or Read More will almost always be great CTAs.

You can also create a stronger lead-up to your CTA by building a reason to click within your text. For instance, you might send just the beginning of a blog post, so that readers get into it and want to click to finish reading. Again, test a few options to see what works for your audience.

7. Clean Your Email List Periodically

Finally, the only list worth sending to is a clean list.

According to a Leadpages study, when asked what they do when they are no longer interested in a particular newsletter, less than half of respondents said that they unsubscribe.

Your inactive subscribers are weighing down your list and making your engagement rates, including open and click rates, look bad.

The solution? Clean up your email list with a simple list pruning campaign. Try running a re-engagement campaign first, but then just delete inactive subscribers. Your open and click rates will thank you.

A Climbing Email Click Rate Is Yours

Now, you have some quick, clever tricks to get your email click rate through the roof. If you want to continue the engagement metrics party, check out my post from last week for simple tricks to get your open rates up, too.

In the meantime, now is a good time to think about signing up for Paved. Just attach your email service provider to your Paved profile and we’ll create a custom media kit right on your profile, showing off your newly stellar click rates, subscriber demographics and more. Sign up for Paved to see how easy email advertising can be.