The Cold Email Alternative That Will Bring You Warm Leads

Cold emailing is the new cold calling—a classic sales technique that aims to take someone who has never heard of you or you business before, and convert them into a happy paying customer. While the format may be more modern, the techniques largely remain the same.

But while many have lauded cold emailing as the secret to success, it can also be a difficult, frustrating path to customer acquisition.

What if there was a way to accomplish the same goal of converting a stranger to your company into a customer, but without the struggles that come with cold emailing? Email sponsorship can be that alternative. Let me show you how.

Why Cold Emailing Fails

Does this scenario sound familiar? You buy a list of email addresses that match the approximate customer avatar you’ve created to represent your ideal customer. You send them an email.

Half of them go straight to the spam folder, the other half are ignored, and you might get a response or two…someday.

Or perhaps you do your own extensive research, which means that you devote hours to finding potential customers who would be a great fit for your brand, only to yield similarly disappointing results.

The issue with cold emailing is that it is exactly that: cold. After all, very rarely do you know much about the person you’re emailing. They certainly don’t know much about you.

There’s hardly enough there to strike up a conversation about, much less a sales proposition, and that’s only if you can get your email past their spam filter in the first place.

The Alternative: Email Sponsorship

The alternative to cold emailing is to try email sponsorship. You’ll accomplish the same goals, but without the same roadblocks you face with cold emailing.

Think of email sponsorship as having a mutual friend introduce you to potential customers. You already have something in common, and have a foundation on which to build your sales conversations.

Targeting with Email Sponsorship

First, you’ll have to find an email newsletter on a topic that your target customer would be interested in.

If you use Paved, you can start by searching our marketplace to find the right fit for your brand. You can browse by categories and get insight into the content of the newsletter, demographics, and the metrics you need to know. We make it easy to look through past newsletter issues and even calculate the potential ROI of working with a given publisher using the ROI calculator on their page.

Email sponsorship gives you unique targeting potential. In fact, you can be confident that you are targeting the right readers by mailing to lists related to your niche.

These readers are generally very interested in the newsletter topic—enough so that they signed up for email updates about it—so they will make great leads for your campaign.

You can further target a particular ideal customer by checking the demographic data that we include on Paved profiles. This data includes information about the employment, household makeup, and interests of a given list.

Plus, we’re updating our media kits all the time to include even more information that will help you zero in on the users you want to reach.

Design Your Campaign

Next, create an email campaign designed with conversions in mind. You don’t have to ask a reader to purchase right away—some of the best email campaigns we’ve seen offer a lead magnet or coupon code to new leads.

You can choose between sponsoring an email, so that your content appears alongside regular newsletter content, or running a dedicated email, which means that your content is the entire email.

Finally, you upload your content and the publisher sends it on your behalf on an agreed-upon date.

Working with a trusted email newsletter gives you an opportunity to get past the spam filter and also to borrow some authority, since your email will be sent by a trusted source. You can even acknowledge the newsletter you’re mailing to in your copy to borrow even more authority.

Follow Up with Warm Leads

Depending on the kind of business you have and the sales cycle that works best for you, you’ll want to follow up with your new leads.

Remember, you already know something about these users based on the list they came to you from. That information can be a great place to start. Try writing a follow up email that reminds them which list they came to you from and draws the connection between that interest and your business.

Then, depending on your sales model, you can make the ask for them to jump on a call with you, or just give them an option to make a purchase.

Start Bringing in Warm Leads With Sponsored Emails

A lot like being introduced through a mutual friend, sponsored emails give you the opportunity to find warm leads that are already interested in your niche and related topics. This common foundation, plus the borrowed authority you gain from working with a trusted source, make email sponsorships a natural choice over cold emailing.

Ready to give sponsored emails a try? Sign up for Paved to find publishers, share creative, and submit payment all in one place. Email sponsorships have never been so easy.