Blog Sponsorship Opportunities: What’s the Best Way to Get Paid for Blogging?

You’ve done all the necessary steps. You bought a domain, got the social media handles, guest blogged and built your authority. You wrote and wrote and wrote. You’ve created an audience for your blog, and now you’re ready to monetize.

If you’re ready to turn your blog into your job, you have a few options for making money. While some dismiss advertising opportunities for bloggers, the fact is that blog sponsorship opportunities are one of the best ways to easily monetize your blog.

Even if you already use affiliate links or even sell your own products and services through your blog, sponsorship opportunities can be a great way to diversify your income. That way, if your affiliate commission drops or you have a bad sales month, you can still count on your advertising income.

Want to find the blog sponsorship opportunities that are right for you? Read on for a few of the best options.

Sponsored Posts

Try sponsored posts if: you have a large audience of loyal blog readers.

Sponsored posts are blog posts that you are paid to write on behalf of an advertising partner. While you are working with an advertiser to raise awareness of their brand, you can still write what you want to and provide your honest opinion of their product.

Sponsored posts range from a fashion blogger wearing clothing from a certain brand, to a food blogger using a certain brand of pasta in a recipe, to business bloggers reviewing SaaS products.

Advertisers like having bloggers create sponsored posts because it raises awareness of their product in a more organic feeling way, and also provides another perspective on their product.

If you have avid readers who trust you and care about your reviews and endorsements, your blog might be a good candidate for sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts are a good option for bloggers that regularly review products, share favorite products or services, or already use affiliate links. Your readers will already be used to hearing from you about products or brands you like, so the transition to sponsored posts will feel natural.

In fact, if you already link to or endorse brands you like, they could be a good starting point when you’re looking for blog sponsors.

Sponsored Social Media Posts

Try sponsored social if: you have a large social following and your followers are highly engaged on social media.

Sponsored social media posts are similar to sponsored blog posts, in that you create content on behalf of an advertising partner. Sponsored social posts generally include an image of you using the product, and a caption that explains your opinion or review of the product.

Sometimes, sponsored social posts accompany a sponsored blog post, and sometimes they stand alone. If you’re creating a sponsored blog post, be sure to discuss expectations for accompanying social media posts (if any) with the advertiser.

Advertisers generally look for bloggers with large, engaged social media audiences to work with on sponsored social posts. That means that you should keep track of your engagement on social media, in addition to the number of followers you have.

Just like with sponsored blog posts, sponsored social media posts tend to work well for brands that already review or endorse certain products, services, or softwares. If you rarely mention your favorite products on Instagram, it could feel forced to suddenly start endorsing a new product.

Dedicated Email Advertising

Try dedicated newsletter advertising if: you have a large email newsletter list in addition to your blog following and are ready to monetize that audience as well.

Dedicated email advertising is one way to monetize your email list, if you’ve been growing that in addition to your blog. Email advertising is a great monetization strategy because you have more control over the number of people who will actually receive your email, and, based on your open rate, how many people will see the email.

In dedicated email advertising, you send an email on behalf of the advertiser, so that they don’t see your email list or subscriber information. That said, the advertiser creates the messaging, not you, and the dedicated email you send is entirely made up of advertiser content.

Frequently, dedicated email advertising includes a special offer or discount code, like in this example that Jamf sent with Paved publisher

Jamf Example_ Blog Sponsorship Opportunities

Advertisers who want to ensure a consistent message across platforms generally prefer dedicated email advertising, since they are able to keep their branding consistent.

Advertisers will simply send you an HTML file that you will insert into an email to your list. This is one of the easiest forms of monetization since you don’t have to do anything other than hit send.

Email Sponsorships

Try email sponsorships if: you have a large email following in addition to your blog following but you are worried about email advertising seeming intrusive.

If you’d rather place ads in your email newsletter alongside your own content, email sponsorship is the way to go. While dedicated email advertising can be a great source of special deals and offers for your audience, and authority building for you, it does give you a little less control of what’s going to your list.

Just keep in mind that email sponsorship commands lower rates than dedicated.

With email sponsorships, advertisers send an ad that appears alongside your own regular newsletter content. Generally, this consists of a few sentences and possibly a logo or an image.

For example, Paved publisher Morning Brief by The Seattle Times recently ran an ad for Morning Brew in the middle of their regular content.

Seattle Times Example _ Blog Sponsorship Opportunities

Some advertisers will ask for your help in making their copy align with your brand style, and others will ask you to run the text exactly as they send it to you. The amount of input you have depends on the advertiser’s needs.

Get Started with Blog Sponsorship

If you’re looking to monetize your blog and start turning your passion into a profession, there are a bunch of blog sponsorship opportunities to try out. Once you know what works for your brand, you can scale your advertising placements and watch your income take off.

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