5 Best Practices to Ensure Success for Your Dedicated Email Advertising Campaign

By now, it’s pretty clear that email marketing isn’t going anywhere. You’ve probably heard that email will exceed 3 billion users by 2020, or that 66 percent of marketers say that email marketing has “good” or “excellent” ROI.

But if you’ve decided to try a dedicated email advertising campaign for your business, the statistics that matter most to you are probably your results. After all, without conversions, a dedicated email blast could be a big a waste of time and money.

So, how do you know if you’re doing everything you can to create effective email campaigns? To help you see the results you’re looking for, I’ve rounded up the top tips for dedicated email blasts that our community of advertisers use to see real results.

What is Dedicated Email?

Dedicated email is a term we use to refer to an email sent by a publisher, to their email list, on behalf of a sponsor. This email is “dedicated” to the advertiser’s message, since the content is entirely created by the advertiser.

Dedicated email is different from sponsored email because a sponsored email features a small ad alongside original content from the publisher.

Ready to dive in and create your first dedicated email advertisement? Here are our top tips for making sure you drive conversions.

1. Target Your Ideal Customer

The first step to creating a strong email campaign is choosing the right publishing partner to work with.

Selecting the right publisher is crucial to ensuring a positive experience for readers, and also to getting results as an advertiser.

Finding an audience that is already interested in the topic you’re writing about will help your message be seen as a welcome addition in their inbox, instead of an intrusion. Not only will that keep the reader happy, but your publishing partner won’t have to worry about unsubscribes or frustrated readers.

So, where do you find the publisher that aligns with your message? Start by thinking about your ideal customer.

Just like with other marketing efforts, it always helps to get in the mind of your customer. Think about their interests and publications they read. If you’re selling travel insurance, for instance, you might start looking at travel blogs and magazines.

The Paved Marketplace also makes it easy to find publishers by niche. By signing up as an advertiser, you can browse and see which publishers write about topics that align with your ideal customer’s interests.

2. Consider Your Offer

Once you’ve found some publisher options, consider what you can offer to their audience. Remember, the offer is your opportunity to convert the borrowed audience (the publisher’s mailing list) into your own leads, or possibly even sales.

Stand out in their inbox by offering a special offer that they won’t be able to get elsewhere.

Not only will you boost conversions, but the publisher will look great for finding a special deal for their readers.

The best offers in email advertising campaigns are truly valuable—you probably can’t expect great results if you offer a 5% discount. Instead, think about your ideal customer and what they would find valuable. For instance, you might offer a larger discount or an extended free trial to entice sign-ups.

Remember: you’ll always have the opportunity to remarket once they’re on your email list, so consider the lifetime value opportunity when creating an enticing offer.

Best Practices for Email Advertising Campaigns

You can even try creating your offer around an ebook on a valuable topic, like GoDaddy did in this example.

Bonus: an ebook that applies to super-specific interests, like this one on how to start a WordPress maintenance business, make for great retargeting opportunities later on.

When considering your offer, it can also help to make it time-sensitive. Giving a reason to click now, and not later, can be a great way to drive more conversions. Try adding a countdown clock to your email with a tool like MotionMail in order to drive home the urgency of your offer.

3. Include a Clear CTA

One of the worst mistakes you can make in your email advertising is to waste an excellent offer by making it confusing or difficult to sign up. Always make it as easy as possible to take action.

One easy way to do that? Focus attention on just one call-to-action per email. Wordstream reported that emails with a single CTA increased clicks 371 percent and sales by 1617 percent.

Keeping the design of your email simple will also help your CTA stand out. Too many images can confuse your readers and make it harder to get conversions.

Best Practices for Email Advertising Campaigns_ 2

This Salesforce Desk email does a great job of keeping the visuals simple so that the CTA really stands out. All it really needed was a bit of text about the benefits of the product and an outline of what was included with the offer. The simple design and contrasting color helps the CTA button stand out and grab readers’ attention.

The CTA text itself should be short and to the point, like the “I want it!” button in the Salesforce example. Anything longer than 4 or 5 words will be hard to fit on a button anyway.

When in doubt, it’s best to keep your CTA straightforward with statements like “Get your discount now,” or “Get started now.”

4. Optimize Your Email Ad for Mobile

Since we do just about everything on our phones these days, it should come as no surprise that we also check our emails on mobile devices. Two-thirds of emails are read either on a tablet or a smartphone, according to Marketing Land.

That’s why it’s so important that your email advertising campaign looks great on mobile devices.

See if you can send a test email or preview your content on a mobile device, or ask your designer to help ensure it’s mobile-friendly.

Double check the visuals as well as the functionality of the page on mobile. There’s nothing worse than trying to click on a CTA button and being unable to get where you’re trying to go because you’re on your phone.

5. Create a Strong Landing Page

Your email advertising doesn’t end when someone clicks your CTA, though. Once you’ve done all the work to earn that click, be sure your landing page helps readers follow through and complete the opt-in process.

How can you do that? First of all, be sure the landing page matches the email that you created. This means using the same color scheme, similar graphics, and similar text that reminds readers why they clicked in the first place. Keep the CTA the same or similar if your page has another button.

Also be sure that the whole page is focused on your one conversion goal—you don’t want to distract potential leads with a mention of your Facebook page when they’re just about to opt in.

It’s important that you remind readers where they heard about you in the first place, so try adding the logo of the publisher you partnered with on the landing page. This allows you to borrow a bit of the publisher’s authority and provide a reminder why the subscriber received your offer, since they are clearly interested in a related niche.

Finally, just like your email itself, be sure your landing page is mobile friendly, since readers might be clicking while they check email on their phones.

Your Best Email Advertising Campaign Yet

With these best practices, you’ll be able to lock down a successful email marketing campaign that provides a strong return on investment.

Ready to uplevel your email advertising? Join the Paved marketplace today and see how simple managing your sponsorships can be. With tailored publisher recommendations, real time metric tracking, and easy payment delivery all in one place, email advertising has never been easier.