How to Secure the Best Email Newsletter Advertising Rates and Premium Sponsors

Once you’ve done all the work to build your email list, create a community, and curate great content, you might want to start monetizing your email newsletter through advertising. It makes sense—placing ads in your newsletter is a great way to take your email list to the next level and actually create a source of income.

But while you know all that you’ve put into growing your email list, it can be hard to translate that work into the best email newsletter advertising rates. How can you show advertisers what your list is really worth and how much value you can bring to the table?

We’re here to help. While it may take a little while, you can create an email advertising strategy that commands premium rates, high-caliber advertisers, and repeat sponsorships.

Know Your Audience

The first step to commanding premium advertising rates is to find your audience. Advertisers are always looking for information about the people they can reach through a given method of advertising.

You’ve seen this in action—it’s why why beer brands advertise during sports games, and daytime talk shows feature commercials for older audiences.

Help advertisers to know exactly who they’re reaching by making it clear in your media kit. The easiest way to do this is to have a specific niche for your email list. If your list is all about plus-size women’s fashion, then advertisers will have a pretty good idea of who you’re reaching right away.

If you do have a specific niche, be sure that you highlight exactly what it is (the more specific the better) in your media kit or while speaking with a potential advertiser. More specific niches have greater value to advertisers since they know exactly who they can reach by working with you.

If your list is more general, you can still highlight the information you do know about your audience.

For instance, the Skimm, a daily news email, is pretty general topic-wise, but is aimed at young professional women, so they are still able to secure relevant advertisers targeting that audience.

When you sign up for Paved, you’ll be prompted to connect your email service provider so that we can build you a deep-dive demographic media kit based on a sample of your subscribers.

No matter what niche your newsletter falls in, you’ll be able to show the actual demographics of your list to prospective advertisers, securing higher rates and premium sponsors.

Build a Relationship

When you’re building a newsletter and selling advertising, it can be easy to forget that each of those subscribers represents an actual person, and that there are real people behind your advertising partners, too.

Believe it or not, remembering the people that make up your email advertising system will do wonders to boost your repeat sponsorships and brand authority.

For instance, when you remember the actual people behind your subscriber list, you probably will be more likely to work with brands you really think they would be interested in. You might request a special coupon code or exclusive offering for your subscribers. You might share a personal anecdote about why you like a particular brand, instead of just including a basic banner ad.

All of these actions will keep your subscribers around, and alleviate your worries about alienating readers by running email ads. Plus, your subscribers will be loyal and engaged in your content—characteristics that advertisers love to see (and pay premium rates for).

You can also build a relationship with your advertising partners by ensuring they have a great experience whenever they work with you. Try offering a special rate for repeat advertisers, or go above and beyond to be sure ads look good in your newsletter.

Maintain Integrity

Along with relationship building, remembering the people behind your subscriber numbers will also help you to maintain integrity in your newsletter. While these things should be pretty straightforward, it is worth remembering.

It is crucial that you always disclose when a blog post, social media post, or email is sponsored. This is not only a legal necessity, but good practice for maintaining a loyal audience that trusts what you say.

You may think that disclosures of advertising will turn readers off from your newsletter, but it will actually build trust, since they will know that they can trust you to disclose paid partnerships in the future.

You should also maintain integrity by never selling or sharing subscriber information with advertisers. Email list rentals allow you to maintain control of your list and keep advertisers from accessing your subscriber details.

Recognize the trust that your readers have given you by sharing their email addresses, and respect their privacy.

Even though the Paved platform connects to your email service provider for statistics and demographic data, we never store your subscriber data.

While these practices won’t necessarily secure higher email newsletter advertising rates for you, they will keep your readers happy and loyal, which is the key to higher rates in the long term.

Earn Your Email Newsletter Advertising Rates

If you’re aiming for the best advertising rates, the best thing you can do is ensure the quality of your list. Then, you need to prove that value to advertisers in order to earn the rates you deserve.

Sometimes, that means starting at a lower rate or special package deal with your first few advertisers as you get your feet wet and prove your value through open and click rates.

While you know how great your list is, the best way to prove it to advertisers is through the numbers. Be sure to always track open and click rates for sponsored campaigns (or use Paved to show these to advertisers in real-time).

That way, the next time an advertiser reaches out, you’ll be able to show them exactly why you’re worth premium rates.

If you’re ready to have advertisers come to you, sign up for Paved today. When advertisers reach out, you’ll be able to showcase your value through our deep-dive media kits and ROI calculator. Plus, you’ll get paid the same day you send.