6 of the Best Email Campaigns To Help Inspire Your Next Email Ad

When it comes to creating a dedicated email blast, there’s a lot to consider to ensure you get the ROI you want.

What kind of images should you use? Which offer will grab readers’ attention? How much text is too much text?

Unfortunately, while there are some best practices that can help ensure success, there’s no right answer when it comes to dedicated emails. Instead, it’s all about knowing your audience, trying new things, and, sometimes, finding new inspiration.

That’s why today I’m sharing some of the best email campaigns we saw last year, all of which can help inspire your next dedicated email.

1. Jamf’s Product-Audience Alignment

Examples from the Best Email Campaigns of the year

Apple product management platform Jamf created this dedicated email that features a great call-to-action and a strong, streamlined design.

But the key to a strong dedicated email campaign doesn’t always lie within the text of an email. In this case, Jamf did a great job finding an audience that was well-aligned with their core service and their offer. Their Apple-specific product is a perfect fit for a newsletter called Cult of Mac, which covers all things related to Apple products.

Plus, they make their offer sound exclusive by using the publisher’s name to acknowledge the audience.

An audience-offer alignment like this can help you increase leads and sales from dedicated email campaigns.

Instead of looking exclusively at the size of the newsletters you’re targeting, try to find niche audiences that would be especially interested in your offer. Sometimes, a smaller newsletter list in a niche subject area will deliver the metrics you’re looking for, as well as more qualified leads.

2. My Clean’s Clean Copy

Examples from the Best Email Campaigns of the year

MyClean, a cleaning service in New York and Chicago, didn’t shy away from text in this dedicated email they sent to a New York-based news update newsletter. While many of our favorite dedicated emails are short and sweet, this email is a winning exception.

Your dedicated emails should provide enough information that a newsletter reader is motivated to click on your link. For some advertisers, this may mean a lot of text, while others can use a few sentences and a great image to communicate their message.

You should also consider the newsletter audience when determining how much text might be appropriate.

In this case, subscribers are already used to reading a lot of copy when they open this newsletter, so it makes sense to send a bit more text than you may otherwise send.

Instead of sending the same dedicated campaign every time, consider whether a particular audience would be more likely to read through more text. Try to align your email with the look and feel of the regularly scheduled newsletter to draw readers in.

3. Compelling Content From Salesforce

Examples from the Best Email Campaigns of the year

One of the most important elements of dedicated emails is also one of the most-overlooked: the offer itself. Many advertisers start to get stingy with their offers, or fall into the trap of thinking that they have to offer a discount.

As Salesforce shows, though, a valuable offer for your audience doesn’t necessarily need to be a discount.

Experiment with different types of offers, like Salesforce did with this content download offer. Even if you don’t get your best results with a content offer, you’ll be able to gain valuable insight into your new leads.

For instance, Salesforce can assume that their new leads who download this ebook are small business owners, and can tailor future communications accordingly.

Plus, by mixing it up, you might gain new insight into what your audience is interested in, or be surprised to find which offers work best for you.

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4. A Big CTA from Big Stock

Examples from the Best Email Campaigns of the year

This email from Bigstock is full of energy, and makes you want to jump right in, just like the people in the background. Luckily, Bigstock makes it easier for you to do just that, with a bright, big, exciting CTA button that reads “Go for it.”

Not only does their button stand out, but it also aligns with the rest of the messaging in their dedicated email. It feels true to the energetic background picture and big, bold text.

When you’re creating your dedicated email, consider the CTA carefully. The CTA is your chance to entice a reader to click, so it is important that it stands out in a contrasting color. Keep it short and sweet, with fewer than 5 words.

And, just like Bigstock did here, be sure it fits with your brand voice.

5. Plated’s Delicious Tailored Content

Examples from the Best Email Campaigns of the year

Speaking to your audience can be a challenge when your product has broad appeal, like food. After all, everyone has to eat. This email from Plated shows that they know exactly who their target customers are, though, and they aren’t afraid to speak directly to them.

With a clear message for people who love food, but want it to be easier to cook, Plated is straightforward in the targeting of this email.

First, they aligned with their ideal customer by working with Serious Eats, a newsletter for foodies. Then, they show that they know who they’re talking to with copy like “refresh your cooking skills.” Finally, they make Serious Eats’ readers feel special with their offer, even calling out that they deserve a special deal.

Take note and try tailoring your content to your exact target customer.

6. The Cuteness Factor from iStock

Examples from the Best Email Campaigns of the year

When in doubt, work with cute. This email from iStock does a great job of grabbing attention with a super cute—and seasonally appropriate—image. Plus, they get to their offer super quick, so readers don’t get distracted by the seasonal spin and forget that there’s a deal in this email!

An email like this shows the power the images in your emails can have. Don’t waste precious email real-estate with an uninspired photo.

Test attention-grabbing images in your dedicated emails to hook readers as soon as they open.

With a compelling headline, a bit of copy, and a strong CTA, you’ll have everything you need for one of the best email campaigns you’ve ever sent.

Build Your Best Email Campaign

With the inspiration of these dedicated email examples, you’ll be ready to send your top-performing email campaign with ease. Using elements like strong images, powerful CTAs, and compelling offers, you too can have some of the greatest email ads out there.

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