2021 Email Marketing Conferences You Need To Attend

Here’s some great news if you’re planning on going to email marketing confrences this year — all events are virtual so you can attend every single one!

Unlike last year, these virtual events have extensive planning and strategy behind them. You will get more than a few Zoom calls with each ticket! Organizers developed new ways to facilitate networking, learning, and leadership among attendees and attract speakers from every corner of the world.

Below, we’ve listed the top email marketing conferences to attend in 2021.

First, you need to understand the email conference landscape

email marketing

One of the benefits of COVID-19 is the surge in online events. Now you can choose exactly what suits your needs. 

Here are three crucial factors in knowing how to choose the best email marketing conferences:

1. Vendor or platform-specific events

Almost every big SaaS platform that works with email hosts an annual conference for users and existing clients. At these professional events, big names in this industry talk about their latest and greatest products and up-and-coming digital marketers have their chance on the big stage. 

Companies like Experian (reputation management), SalesForce (CRM), Adobe (digital media), and Mailchimp (ESP) have put on legendary events so they can present new innovations and industry leadership. 

Vendor events like therse are great for networking, so we recommend you attend them if you can!

2. Digital marketing events

Digital marketing events are a fantastic way to grow your network, learn from people who are actively succeeding in the world of marketing, and get a varied, unbiased view of the industry as a whole. 

These events don’t always cover email specifically, but you will usually find a few focused talks and a treasure trove of new strategies. 

3. . Industry-specific conferences

Travel, real estate, technology, design, all these industries (and more) rely on marketing to grow and acquire customers. Email, marketing, and advertising are likely on the agenda, but you won’t get in-depth reports or analyses. 

If email marketing is your primary focus (and not a specific industry), check out the conferences below instead. 

The 2021 Email Marketing Conference Hit List

Here’s Paved’s 2021 hit list for email marketing conferences. Where possible, we’ve included a list of confirmed speaker topics.

EIQ 2-Day Email Marketing Conference

EIQ email summit

Email marketing, customer experience, and loyalty trends are rapidly changing. This conference is a cutting-edge opportunity to explore these changes and inform your business practices for years to come.

Expect insights from experts in their fields with sessions focused on all things related to an email marketing strategy. 

Dates: April 21-22, 2021

Topics: Storytelling, segmenting, marrying data and empathy, remaining relevant, loyalty strategies, cookies, email design systems, 2021 tactics.

ANA Email Evolution Conference

2021 ana email marketing conference

Email marketing has come a long way, and with it comes the need for strategic planning. The  Email Evolution Conference is where you will learn the latest trends in email design and develop cutting-edge strategies that perform. 

The conference is set to provide leadership for current issues in the industry, with established thought leaders as keynote speakers. Get the outside perspective and includes many other relevant areas that impact email marketing.

“The content was great! There were several sessions that gave me insights and actionable steps that I could take back to my organization. I’m focused on creating content for emails and this conference gave me many ideas on how we can amp up our email content.”

– 2020 ANA Email Evolution Conference attendee

Dates: May 5-6, 2021

Email Insider Summit

email marketing summit

The Email Insider Summit includes keynotes from big industry leaders. The conference kicks off with morning deep dives into strategy, tactics, and case studies. Midday brings exciting roundtable discussions where you get to listen in on on-the-fly discussions about the latest news in email marketing. Networking takes place in the evening over virtual cocktails. 

Dates: April 20-April 21, 2021

Topics: Workflows, customer journeys, driving engagement, building anemail stack, big media, deliverability

Email Innovations Summit

email marketing conference

The Email Innovations Summit is all about innovation, education, and communication. It’s produced by Only Influencers and Rising Media. Professed to make you ‘the smartest person in the room’, this conference will teach you the latest tools and team strategies to take your email marketing further.

Dates: June 17, 2021  

Litmus Live

litmus live conference 2021

Not just for marketers, Litmus Live is packed full of information for email designers, coders, strategists, and leaders. 

Litmus has an excellent track record of energetic and fast-paced conferences. You can expect real-world advice, actionable strategies, practical takeaways, and case studies. 

Dates: 27th-29th September, 2021

Attending an email marketing conference in 2021

Most conferences quickly rushed over to virtual platforms or were canceled in 2020 providing limited opportunities. However, in 2021, things have changed. Conferences are now all-virtual events that accommodate networking and interaction. 

Remember, when choosing an email marketing conference to attend, decide on what’s most important to you. Finding vendors? Connecting with other marketers? Understanding trends? Each conference on this list suits different needs. 

Questions? Hit Paved up on Twitter and we’ll be happy to help!