Paved Marketplace Update: Advertise to Developers with Email Marketing

When you think of targeted advertising, you probably think of social media or display ads. And it makes sense—those platforms offer great targeting opportunities, so you can advertise to developers you want to reach, and woo them with a great offer.

But if that’s where your advertising ends, you’re missing out. Email marketing can be a great way to advertise to developers in a place that will get your message seen and read—the inbox.

At Paved, we’re all about helping advertisers find the right newsletters to work with that target their ideal customer. Just 2 weeks ago, we announced that we’ve updated our media kits with life stage and interest demographics.

Today, we’re pleased to announce another important update to our already robust media kit demographics: the ability to target developer-heavy lists, and even see the languages they code in.

Advertise to Developers

If you advertise to developers, dedicated email advertising might already be a part of your strategy.

After all, there are plenty of newsletters out there that share the latest news and information related to coding and web development. It’s easy enough to select one of those newsletters and send out an email ad.

But now, you can know with confidence whether you’re sending to a developer-heavy list or not.

The latest update to the Paved media kit allows advertisers to target developers by seeing how a given list compares with the platform average for the number of developers on the list.

Advertise to Developers with the new Paved media kit updates

In this example, you can see that The Web Designer has 4.25 times more developers than the platform average.

While it may seem obvious that a list of web designers has a lot of coders on it, this data can provide a check to confirm that the newsletter is what it says it is. That way, you can have confidence in every send.

Conversely, you can use this data to check whether a more general list might happen to have a larger percentage of coders than average. While your message may need to be more general, you can reasonably assume that a portion of that audience will be interested in your product or service.

We pull this information directly from the publisher’s email service provider and update it weekly, so you can always be confident in the media kit demographics you find on a Paved profile.

Target Coding Languages with Paved

The other important update that we’ve released to help advertisers who want to advertise to developers is a break down of the coding languages that the developers on a given list use.

This information might seem oddly specific and unnecessary—unless you are an advertiser looking to mostly reach front-end developers. In that case, data like this can be both extremely useful and extremely hard to track down.

Our data, gathered from usage data through GitHub, shows the percentage of time that the developers on a given list spend coding in different languages.

Advertise to Developers Based on Language with Paved

Now, you can target not only developers in general, but you can reach app developers, or back end developers. While most lists will have a mix of languages, you can still learn about the kinds of developers on a given list and target your messaging accordingly.

Publishers: Understand Your Audience

This update doesn’t just apply to advertisers, though. Publishers can also utilize this newly available data to better understand their lists through their newly updated media kits.

For instance, if you suspect that you have more developers than average on your newsletter list, it is now easy to confirm.

Plus, you’ll also be able to see the languages they code in, which can give you insight into the types of articles they’d like and which freebies might perform well for you.

Knowing the languages that your list codes in may also give you a sense of what they’re up to online as well, again allowing you to target content to your exact readership.

Of course, the ultimate benefit of your newly in-depth media kit is that advertisers love it.

It can be such an important part of the process of working with advertisers to be able to verify who your audience is and what they’re up to. Plus, since we source (and regularly update) your metrics directly from your email service provider, they can be confident in the numbers you provide.

Connect your ESP to Paved today to start reaping the rewards of an in-depth media kit profile.

The Most Robust Media Kit You’ve Ever Seen

While our media kit updates mean that you now can see greater insight into the profile of developers on a given list, that’s not all you can use Paved media kits to discover about a given audience.

Paved profiles provide the most robust demographic data you’ve ever seen in a publisher’s media kit. In addition to employment data, we now share details on the life stages and interests of subscribers, as well as location and household demographics.

Sign up for Paved today to browse our marketplace of in-depth media kits and streamline your email advertising strategy, too.